Oct 26, 2009

Pin up, rise and shine!

God the night was horrible.

My son woke up at 2am happy as a clam, and stayed up until about 5am.

So yes, I'm tired.

That's why my LOTD is really simple:

And of course I have red lips with those eyes *g* :

MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Unsquare e/s
MAC Polished Ivory pigm.
Lumene Natural Code eye pencil
Lumene Natural Code eyeliner
MF FLE mascara

Mschic lipchic Elisabeth
Lancome Color Fever Atomic Red

I'm wondering where my Pure Luxe order is, since I paid it 18.10. ,and 19.10. they updated my order status to "In Progress". I haven't heard them since. They sent me a shipping number at the same time as they updated the order to "in progress", but USPS doesn't find anything with that shipping number. :/


  1. let's hope you paid via paypal? that way you will always get your money back, cuz the sender has to prove you received it and if the tracking number is non-existent, you'll get ur dollar back :D

  2. They did my order the same way. When I contacted customer service they told me they would send me another email when they actually sent it which was about 10days after they sent me the shipping number. Hope you get it soon.

  3. "happy as a clam" ?? Ly god, this expression is just great ;-))))))
    I love it ;-))

  4. Nätti look kyllä :) Siipirajaus toimii aina ja tuo sellasta ekstramaustetta yksinkertaisimpiinkin meikkeihin.

  5. really admired at this look. how you draw the eyeliner.. i'm really liked it!!! gorgeous dear!


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