Oct 4, 2009

Pan's Autumn Leaves

My LOTD was a recreation of amazingly talented Padmita's beautiful Autumn Leaves -makeup:

Sorry for the bad pics, I just don't know how to work with my new flash. :S

I don't have MAC Golden Olive or MAC Museum Bronze which she used, so I replaced them with MAC Chartreuse and MAC Vintage gold. I did a test run them before the real makeup, and it looked like this:

It's my hand in case somebody is wondering *g*

MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Chartreuse (inner lid)
MAC Vintage Gold (middle of the lid)
MAC Heritage Rouge (outer lid + crease)
MAC Vanilla (highlight)
MAC Dark Soul
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner
Lumene Excllenght mascara

But anyway.

Here's a random makeup I did last night, this was inspired by the movie Pan's Labyrinth:

Not great, but it was late, I was tired and this was only test run :P

Well, anyway. I hate sundays. I'm always so slow and apathic on sundays. This sucks.


  1. They look amazing...I dunno how you do it really :)

  2. Fantastic! The last look is amazing! :)

  3. where did you get those eyelashes you used in the Pan's Labyrinth look? Theyre great!

  4. Somehow, I really really like the eyebrows you did. Not the typical ones and they could have gone so wrong but those just suit so perfectly! Looks a bit like mask but is just make-up, awesome! <3

  5. this is so awesome!!! and i love that movie :)

  6. wow wow that last look is so gorgeous. really creative. I wish I could do the same!

  7. i'm in love with this makeup!
    and i love your blog..

    - juliane



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