Oct 1, 2009

I wish I had an Angel. And Young Punk.

I hate Finland.

As I maybe have complaned before, we have only teo place in Finland that sell MAC. One is in Helsinki, which is quite near, and the other one is in Turku, which is not so near.

Anyway, I've been waiting the Style Black collection to hit Finland, and the release date was today.

They had gotten the Style Black on sale at 9.00am, and my husband was at their counter at 9.30am.

AND GUESS WHAT? Not a single Young Punk mineralize eyeshadow left in whole Finland. WTF? They had couple Blue Flames in Turku, so they ordered one of them to me, and I'll be getting it probably at next week. But Young Punk is sold out, and they won't be getting more.
I'm like SO pissed right now.

Now I'm searching Young Punk online, but there isn't any store that I find that'll shop to Finland. I also put an ISO -topic on MakeupGeek, I'm hoping that someone could sell it to me.

But anyway.

I just found out that Gosh will be releasing another collection!

There's gonna be a black effect powder! how awesome is that?!
It comes on sale at week 44 and there's gonna be:
·  Eye Shadow Collection,
· 1 Artificial Lashes,
· 1 Glamour Body Glitter,
· 2 Nail Lacquers
· 1 Effect Powder
· Liquid Eye Liner Pen
· Lip Gloss

Wohoo, some thing bright in this day :P

Then my LOTD, which is really glittery:


 MAC painterly p/p
MAC Greenstroke p/p
Gosh Angel effect powder
Pure Luxe Grape 
SMH Plum Crazy
MAC Push the Edge pigm.
MuS Alva twinkle eyeshadow
BeautyUK Glitter eyeliner
Gosh Black Ink velvet touch eyeliner
MF FLE mascara
Maybelline Star Stylist Diamonds mascara

But yeah, that's it, I'll be back with sopefully some swatches of my Gosh effect powders and stuff.


  1. How do you do such beautiful things ?????

    I wish I could do something like this ... Well, I try and maybe one day I would ... Who knows ?

  2. Have you tried doing an ISO on Specktra? I'm sure you can find someone who will CP it for you, if there's some left in US or Canada? :)

    And again, your looks are breathtaking!

  3. LN, just practise I guess :D
    Thank you so much!

    Shamini, I actually forgot to mention, that I already got someone to buy and ship it to me <3

    And thank you so much!

  4. You could try allcosmeticswholesale or rock-thecatwalk.com in a few weeks? They usually get some of the new collections stuff and they seem to ship to most places (and quite cheaply). Also maybe check out other makeup forums like www.specktra.net/forum, they have a big sellers subforum and I'm sure a lot of people there would be willing to pick one up for you (or would have one they'd like to sell once the "new collection" hype dies down a bit).

    But I hear you, things sell out pretty quickly in Australia too... Plus they're super overpriced!

    Miss Neesh

  5. Ive not seen that GOSH collection yet, hope it comes to the UK!

  6. well,every country has bad things...here in southern Europe we don't get Gosh :(


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