Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween!

Today I did a quick Cleopatra look, it looked like this:

And here's a bad closeup of the makeup. Lashes are really black, but the light makes them look brown :/

And then my LOTD. Since it's Halloween today, it's a fantasy look:

Closeup of the makeup:

NYX jumbo pencil Cherry
Stargazer red e/s
NYX Glitterati Cream "red" glitter
MAC Polished Ivory pigm.
Lumene Natural Code eye pencil
Lumene Natural Code eyeliner
MF FLE mascara

And without wig and with glasses:
"OMG, it's a camera! How scary!"

I made Halloween makeup for two of my ex-husband's friends.

First there is A, who wanted dark post-apocalypse/cyber look. She had lots of fishnet on, so I did fishnet pattern on her face too. And since she had black clothes and blue hair (and silver nails) I did black/blue/silver makeup for her:

And from the side the texture goes like this:

And I also did her avec's makeup, he wanted a zombie look:

This was first time I did a zombielook using liquid latex, and I loved it *g*
I also did a "bite wound" in his arm:

Unfortunately it shines quite a lot in the picture, but it was pretty disgusting in real life.

I'm actually quite happy for everything I've done today!



  1. Amazing! I love them all, but the zombie look is just stunning. You're so talented!

  2. All this is gorgeous, happy halloween to you !

  3. Yew, those worms on zombie's face, just awful! :D All the looks are amazing and I have to commend your photogrpahs, which are always great quality. Very pleasant to read your blog :)

  4. wow you did a good job. I was Cleopatra too, she's always fun to imitate :)


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