Oct 28, 2009

Carnival of pink ribbon

I didn't photograph my LOTD today.
I was on the phone when I did my makeup, and I was still on the phone when I left the house (in a hurry) so I didn't take any pictures. Besides, it was quite horribe. I was in major hurry, so I put MAC Off The Radar on the lid and black Grimas eyeshadow to the crease. Eyeliner and mascara, and I was done. So you won't be missing anything special :D

But I did couple of "just for fun" -looks.

First one is (again) quite... interesting. It failed :D

I was gonna make something PINK ispired by the breast cancer ribbon, since cancer has touched my life twice. I haven't had any cancers myself, but both my parents died because of cancer. Neither of them had breast cancer though :P

But anyway, here's the pink "ribbon" makeup, that looks more of a tropical fish maybe?

And  then I made a test run with one of my new Stargazer glitters:

And finally a makeup inspired by finnish band called Poets of the Fall, and their song Carnival of Rust:

There's supposed to be "rusty" ferris wheel and night sky.

Yeah, that's all this time.


  1. Beautiful!

    You mentioned tropical fish, I'd love to see more real tropical fish looks! The colors on them are so vibrant and beautiful, parrotfish especially comes to my mind.

    What did you use for the ferris wheel "gondolas" and what is that amazing rusty color?

  2. very nice!!!great job!

  3. hey, i tagged you on my blog for kreativ blogger. i think it's about time to get 7 random facts from you ;) xxxx

  4. I love all of these!
    Seriously you are gifted, they are sooo good!
    I need to get some of these
    products so I can try them properly.


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