Oct 7, 2009

Burn Succubus, Burn!

Today your are not gonna get my LOTD, since I won't be doing any.
I hurt my toe yesterday, and I really can't walk well, so I'm not going out.

But no LOTD doesn't mean no pictures *g*

First of all, I made a burn scar to my ex-husband:

It was my first try with liquid latex, and kinda like the stuff *g* I know it doesn't look as real as it COULD look, but I think it's gross and that's enough this time *g*

And then I took my old faithfull fishnet, and made a succubus look:

And one bit more shopped:

Fishnet, toothbrush, mschic, stargazer, strass lashes, crazy lens contact.

Oh, and a put a pic of my current nails:


  1. Your ex-husband lets you do makeup on him? wow...

    I know it's going to sound weird but I think I love the red eyes :-)

  2. whoa that whole fishnet thing is awesome, will you tell us how to do it eventually...?! plllllllleeeease?! and a toothbrush...for what?!! Im soooo curious! i wanna know! i wanna know!

  3. I believe she just took rust colored eyeshadow and based the eye. Then put the fishnet against her face, and brushed on black Then made a cat's eye with eyeshadow, and gaussian blurred her eyeliner


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