Sep 30, 2009



I'll put my LOTD first, then to my StarMakeupHaven goodies.

My LOTD was very pinup-inspired:

Unfortunately my camera wasn't really co-operative, so sorry for the bad pics.

But to my SMH haul:

When I first opened the package, I got this:

Apparently got a free "gift", one nail polish remover tissue O_o

Here's the empty palette:

And here are the eyeshadow pans:

Here's Bee's Knees in the palette:

And finally the full palette:

So, how are they, how do they feel, are they pigmented?
Great, good, yes *g*

Here's all of them swatched, only foundation as a base:


Very beautiful shimmery red. More red than rust, but not quite red still.


AWESOME green. Picture really doesn't give right to this. It's green, but it's still so totally vibrant! It's has a hint of lime, gold, blue, teal.. Ah, beautyful indeed.

This is beautyful metallic blue, something I've lookin for a while. Great shade.

Flare for the Dramatic:

This was the only matte eyeshadow, but think it's the sama quality as the other shadows too. Not harder to work with or anything. This is "real red" that goes more to pink than orange. But still not the "ultimate red".

Lime Light:

Oh so cool! See how it's look almost neon green/yellow on the swatch? This is so cool! It's a light shade without being pale. So cool :D

Wine Not?

This is actually pretty one too, altought it might be wrong shade for me, since I can't really pull of anything pink/pinkish. We'll see if this is too pink for me.

Light My Fire:

This is shimmery orange-red. Maybe a bit to coral, or something. Nice, but not my favourite.

Walking After Midnight:

Uh, this is beautiful blue. Dark, but still so BLUE :D


Ooh, I like this one! I've always thought that browns are a bit boring, but this isn't! This reminds me of something, I just can't seem to figure out what it is :D But anyway, lovely brown-ish.

Over the Moon:

My favourite. Like, OMG. This is AMAZING™. Whoa. Really. Gold, yellow and a hint of orange all in same, and.. .Whoa. Really :D I'm quite stunned, this is just lovely!

Plum Crazy:

I love this one too! I think the purple shade is quite unique (at least to me) and I think this is just lovely. It reminds me a bit of bruising, but this is way much sweeter *g*


I love this too! I don't quite know how to describe the color, it's kinda grey, kinda green-ish, kinda brownish. Very unique to me again.

And the light ones I didn't have time to swatch yet:

Bees knees:



And finally some REALLY quick look with SMH eyeshadows:



  1. Tosi runsaspigmenttisen näkösiä, ja hyvä perusvärivalikoima. Ihana varsinkin tuo Fresh :P

  2. These are some really, really good colors! :) Makes me want all of them, but having spent a small fortune on MAC lately I don't think I can..

  3. this colors are gorgeous! how did you pay all of them please?? and the brand is MAC ? Thanks for your answer!


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