Sep 12, 2009

Shopaholic strikes again

So, we all know that I'm a cosmetic addict, right?

I was at Jysk today. It's sort of a furniture store. I went there to buy a new computer chair for my husband.

Then I saw this:

And I was like "WTF, makeup in furniture store? No, it must be some kind of container or something."

But no. It's actual makeup *g*

It's brandless, but I think the box was cool, and it was cheap, so I bought it.

So, what does it contain then? You'll be amazed like I was :D

First when you open it, you find this:
Not impressed? Neither was I at this point.
Then you open it from above, and the front panel opens too:
There is three lipsticks and three nail polishes:

On the next drawer there is:

Three "body glitters":

Black mascara, blue mascara and golden glitter eyeliner:
Okay. Then the NEXT drawer:
There is three different powders and applicator.

The next drawer has a container for the eyeshadows and a loose ...blush?
And finally the last drawer that includes brushes on three pencils:
You think that's it?
Lets open the SIDES of the box:

Cool huh? Every quad is separately detachable, so you can add two of these into the container from the third drawer *g*

Let's then open the sides of these eyeshadow holders!

And that's it!

This is how the whole thing looks when everything is on sight:
So there is:

I really didn't expect ANYTHING from the eyeshadows, but I was really suprised when I swatched them:

They really have quite good color payoff.

I think the whole box was worth every cent *g*

Oh, and I even remembered to buy the chair too *g*


Guess what this is?
That's my NYX Jumbo pencil!
I depotted it!

And it was REALLY easy too!

WOHOO! *g*


  1. How much was that, looks brilliant :O

  2. Normal price is some where around 25 euros, now it was on sale, 15e *g*
    So not SUPER cheap, but considering how much stuff there is, still CHEAP. *g*

  3. Siis Jyskistä!? Ihmeiden aika ei ole ohi...

  4. Kyllä :D Olin tosiaan hyvin ja erittäin hämmästynyt :D

  5. WOW! What a random find! Those are the best!!! That would be great for travel...just add some brushes, grab and go! Killer find girl!

  6. How did you depot the NYX Jumbo pencils??? Would really love to know, as I always apply it with a brush anyway. I love the idea and would never have thought about it myself.
    Great find for JYSK, never thought that you would find makeup there. Living in Australia I miss our scandinavian stores, they are always full of suprises.

  7. Vanitys_Edge, thanks! *G*

    Swedishlina, I took the "upper cap" off, held the pen with pliers above the pot and warmed the pen with hair dryer until the pen's inside melted to the pot. It was really quick, simple and easy!
    Here's a good video of how it works:

  8. I would love to know how to get that cool huge makeup box u got.... I went to the link for the store u said u got it from but it's not in english so I have no idea what to click on, please help! I would love to order one. Thanks Gen

  9. G L Sl8r, unfortunately they don't sell it online :/ I guess there isn't any place where you could purchase one :/

  10. I just wanted to thank you very much for replying back to me so quick. I will melt my NYX pencils tomorrow. Wish me luck, think I might try it with my milk as I have 1 1/2 so I would only mess 1/2 one and still have one whole as a backup.
    I love your site and I check it everyday, I might not leave comments everyday. That doesn't mean I don't like your looks, I just think you might get bored with my comments as they would be very similar. Good, good, good and good.


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