Sep 15, 2009

LOTD: Blu-blu-blu.. GREEN!

Warning, LOTS of pics ahead *g*

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my paint pots?
I have no clue how have I survived so long with out them.
I just love them so much. They really are my Holy Grail.

I love how you can make the plain old shadow look complately different! Let's take Gosh Blue Whale for example.
I love the color, it's almost electric blue. Problem is, that blue isn't really my color. BUT if I put MAC Blackground paint pot under it, it's really intense dark blue. And I can use it without looking stupid *g*

And that's what my LOTD is based on too:


Without flash:
And one more from the direct sunlight as a bonus:

I just love the BLING *g*

MAC Blackground p/p (lid)
MAC Painterly p/p (above lid)
NYX Jumbo pencil Milk (highlight)
Gosh Blue Whale effect powder (lid)
MAC Deep Blue Green pigment (crease + lower lashline)
Gosh Aquatic effect powder (above crease + lower lashline)
Gosh Sea me (above Aquatic)
MAC Vanilla pigment (highlight)
MAC Teal pigment (waterline)
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner
MuS Twinkle eyeshadow Alva (all over colorfull areas)
MF FLE mascara

Then summary of my recent shopping, that haven't yet arrived:

Mineralissima Bloody Ruby, Blackstar Green, Blackstar Blue, Illusion
MAC Alexander McQueen Pagan e/s
Chartreuse pigment sample

MAC Blue Brown pigment sample
MAC Green Brown pigment sample

Mac Brushed Metal-X Eyeshadow Gold Spice

MAC Patternmaker 6  - Warm eyes

Pics from allwholesalecosmetics, makeupgeek, google

And I still want more :< Why isn't anything enough? *g*

And hey, if you have any requests of ideas, I would be thrilled to hear them!


  1. Hi!!!
    I get here through Makeup Geek's and...God, your amazing, so professional. And you have such beautiful eyes, everything, every color looks great on you. Congratulations!

  2. I must say that I love the look, it is really stunning. I am to a Makeup geek fan, and I get a lot of my sample from her. You will love the bluebrown one, it is so beautiful and it can be used for so many looks. I also love the chatreuse, it is really nice as a lid colour with darker green looks. With your green paint pots is going to be amazing. Have fun with you new stuff.
    I however found you thru specktra, which I absolutely love.

  3. Hey Jangsara! Congrats on your new products and to answer your question you really never have enough makeup…LOL. I wondered if you would do a tutorial of one of your dramatic eyes, like the fire entry for Makeup Geek’s challenge. The basic eye without the glitter was amazing and truly showed how clean and detailed your work is.


  4. Hey Jangsara! I have a makeup request! I would love to see you re-create a Bird of Paradise flower, here's a sweet pic,
    my sister has this tattoo'd on her forearm, and I'd love to show her how to play it up with her eye's.

  5. Hi here's a request, could you maybe do a cut-crease look with like grey and black?

  6. Love your blog and all the looks. And at last I found a beauty blog from Finland that I really like! Rakastan Suomi :)
    I am also following you on twitter now

  7. Gorgeous! I've gone through your looks and girl, you have a LOT of talent!

  8. Sara, thank you so much! <3

    swedishlina, thanks! And thanks for the link to the other pigment sample seller! I might give her a chance next *g*

    CanDé Faces, That's what I'm afraid too, that I won't never have enough makeup :D I'm gonna be sooooo broke :D I'll try to do a tutorial of some dramatic look, as soon as I get new flash for my camera.. I hate to use the current (broken) one :/

    Blushbaby, Beautiful picture indeed! I'll definately try to do a look based on that, as soon as I find the right mood to do it :P

    Anom, Sure I can! I'll try to make it ASAP :)

    Marina, Thank you so much! <3

    Marce, Thank you too! <3


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