Sep 1, 2009

I'm on fire!


MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics -collection came out today in here, and of course I went shopping :3

This is what I got:

I didn't buy the Violet Trance, since I've heard so much bad of it, AND because when I swatched it, it actually didn't leave any color. So I bought Off the Page, and I think it's gorgeous.

I also bought Heritage Rouge, Push the Edge and Brash & Bold pigments. I love Cocomotion too, but I think that if I desperately need it at some point, I can still get it from somewhere.

And for tonight's fun fact, when I went to Stockmann at about 5pm. today, they had already sold out 2 of 3 eyeshadow quads O_O And they said that they won't get any more of them.
Thank god I didn't fall in love with any of those :D

Here's a quick makeup done with Brash and Bold, Off the Page, Push the Edge and Nyx Pearl Mania Lilac:


  • Off the Page is, like said, gorgeus. It's pigmented and easy to blend.And really beautiful shade.
  • Brash & Bold is vibrant and beautiful color BUT it's horrible to get off. The red really sticks in your skin. Worst it is on your finger tips if you touch the pigment with them. Color won't get off.It'll probably stick on your lid too, so be careful.
  • Push the Edge is yet vibrant and beautiful color too, but I think it's a bit hard to work with. Painterly p/p doesn't seem to hold it too well, nor bring the color out well. Nyx Milk pencil brings the color out great, but I haven't tried how well it holds the color.
  • Heritage Rouge shares the same texture with Teal and Cornflower samples, it doesn't look chalky at all. And it certainly isn't chalky. Texture is without a doubt the best of these three. The color is really nice too. I'll try to swatch it tomorrow.

I also swatched ALL my NYX pearl manias. I'll try to review them ASAP.
But at this point I can say that most of them are really great!

Okay, I made another fire look. I won't put this to the contest, since I already did one fire for that one, and I leave that there.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

First I tried it without lashes:

Then I added the lashes to make the look more dramatic:


Then I put my red contact lenses on: 

And went in mysterious light:

MAC Painterly p/p
MuS Ra on lid
MuS East on above crease
Mschic black cremeliner used to create dark shapes, upper and lower lashline
BeautyUK neon orange eyedust as little flames
Mschic Electric Red here and there
MAC Reflects Rust pigment 

So, I have ridiculous amount of new makeup, and I still want MORE! *g*

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