Sep 26, 2009

Gosh, Twins!


I went shopping today a little, I finally bought one of the new Gosh Twin Eyeshadows.
I didn't buy the lime/purple combo I was thinking first, but I bought the gold/green one. It just looked better :3




And this is how they look on lid:

I wasn't so impressed. Color are nice, but not special, and personally I don't like the applicators. You can't deside yourself, how much color you want, and and you don't have any idea how much product is left. Also, I'm so used to use brushes that these kind of applicators just don't work for me.
They are also a bit pricey, mine was 12,50e (~$18 - $19). I understand that there is two shadows and two applicators, but still.

Oh well. This is what I'm TOTALLY expecting:

What it means, is that all Sokos and Emotion stores will have Gosh stuff in sale prices:
Eyeshadows starting from 2,5e ( ~$3,7)
Nail polishes 2,5e ( ~$3,7)
and lipsticks 3e ( ~ $4,4)

I really hope that they'll have effect powders on sale. :3 I'm gonna go HAULING! *g*

Anyway, here's a quick look for fun I did. This is kinda inspired by MAC Style Black -collection:

Few words about the MAC Style Black -collection:

I think I really want the Blue Flame and Young Punk mineralize eyeshadows:

Photo from:

I just hope that  there will be those left when I get to Helsinki. They come to sale in October, I think it's the first of October or something.

Oh well.

Then my LOTD:

 MAC Greenstroke p/p
Ages old H&M eyeshadow which I still love <3
Mschic Frost Mint Chocolate
MAC Teal pigm.
MAC Shroom
MuS Brown glitterliner

EDIT: I forgot to mention, that I found "M" magazine from our store! I just had to buy it!

You can read it online here

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  1. The Gosh duo looks pretty, but not worth the price. I do wish they would sell Gosh in the U.S. though. Your Style Black-inspired look is awesome. It would be great for Halloween! The LOTD is also awesome. I have a thing for green, haha!


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