Sep 6, 2009


New Gosh Autumn '09 collection is apparently out. Theme is some kind of candy inspired, Sugar Babe.

Photo: Yhteishyvä.fi 

Here is the new collection in full:

Twin Eye Shadow
01 Bordeaux/Peach
02 Green/Gold
03 Pearl Grey/Off White
04 Purple/Lime
Velvet Touch Lipstick
134 Darling
144 Mystery
143 Midnight

Extreme Art Eyeliner
Nail Lacquer
564 Golden Dragon
583 Mystery Night
584 Deep Purple
You know, I'm REALLY disappointed. My friend bought the Golder Dragon nail lacquer couple months ago, And I've been pondering a while should I buy the Deep Purple nail laquer. So the only "new" laquer is actually the Mystery Night one, or at least I haven't seen it around before.
And the eyeliners are a disappointment too, since I  already have the gold one, bought that about a year ago or so. There's also many green colors available outside the collection.
Only thing I  really look forward are the Twin Eyeshadows. Their suppose to be "silky soft loose eyeshadows"which sounds good to me. Color seem a bit pale, but I'll give them a try. At least the Lime/purple one. *g*

You can read the full descriptions from their website .

Apparently  also Makeup Store's Czarinna collection is out:

Photo: Yhteishyvä.fi 
There will be:

Microshadow Cupol
Microshadow Moscow
Microshadow Siberia
Microshadow Tribecca
Lipgloss Made
Lipstcik Endless Time
Lip Pencil Russian Bordeaux
Nailpolish Anett
Mascara Aubergin
Eye Pencil Silver Soil

Unfortunately I don't find the products from their website yet, but I think there won't be anything interesting. I've been a little disappointed with MuS products lately.
You can check their website here.

Then my oh-so-boring LOTD:


MAC Painterly p/p
MuS Gold
MuS Goldglow
MAC Heritage Rouge
Mschic mineral black
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MF False Lash Effect mascara

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  1. You may think your LOTD is boring but it's pretty nevertheless!

    We rarely get the whole Gosh new collections, especially the nail stuff, but I'll keep my eyes open to check out this one!


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