Sep 17, 2009

Barbie loves ME and my new makeup!

Like I promised yesterday, today there is gonna be swatches!

I received my MAC Patternmaker palette and my order from Pencula webshop.

I'll start with the Pencula order:

I ordered four mineral eyeshadows (three sample sized and one full sized) and 10 empty 2g jars.
I would have gotten them a bit cheaper if I had ordered them from their manufacturer mineralissima , but they didn't have the Blackstar Green that I wanted, and Pencula had, so I ordered from Pencula.

So, I ordered sample of Bloody Ruby, sample of Illusion, sample of Blackstar Blue, and full 2g jar of Blackstar Green. And the ten empty jars. After my order, I got a response from them, that they would get more jars next week, they would sent my orded as soon as they get more jars. Fine.

Here's what arrived:

Okey, there was 10 jars, I just didn't photograph them. And the Blackstar Green SAMPLE is already in the jar.
First my own mistake, I didn't read that the samples would come in bags. That was a real disappointment, since so much color gots wasted, if I try to put them in jars (it's so fine dust, that it sticks to the inside of the bag).
And then the Blackstar Green. NOBADY told me that that was sold out too! I ordered (and paid) for a fullsize jar, and now I got a sample bag and a note, that says that they will send the full jar to me as soon as they get more from Mineralissima.
Concusion: I could have ordered this all from Mineralissima at the first place, and I would have gotten it cheaper. *sigh*
Okay, I got a small sample of Chiffon Finish powder. Yay.

But what about the colors? Nothing special. They are pretty, but that's it :(

Next some swatches of them:

Blackstar Blue
Blackstar Green
Bloody Ruby

Illusion is really close dupe of Mschic's Mint Frost Chocolate.
It's of course pretty chameleon shade, but really nothing special:

Blackstar Blue is almost a disappointment being that "lame" color. I hoped it would have been more metallic and more blue:

Blackstar Green is quite nice, I just thought it would have been more to teal than to "natural green", if you know what I mean. This is maybe a BIT too similar with the Blackstar Blue:

And finally the Bloody Ruby, which I think is more to brown than red. Nice yes, but I guess this is pretty close to Gosh Rosewood effect powder:

I guess I'm not gonna try anymore of Mineralissima's makeup.

Then my new baby, MAC Patternmaker: 6 warm eyes. It's so pretty!

There is:
Shroom (satin)

Rich Symbol (frost)

Unsquare (velvet)
Equibeige (frost)
Swimming (lustre)

Shadowy Lady (matte)
I've been looking for Swimming and Shroom, and now I have them both and couple of nice shades with them *g*
Shroom is really pretty, Swimming is nice green, Rich Symbol is quite nice, Equibeige is nice. I'm really not a big fan of basic brown, so Unsquare isn't my favourite, and Shadowy Lady has a bit bad color payoff.
Here's the swatches:
Other picture shows shroom's color better, other shows Shadowy Lady better.

Then my LOTD, which is created using my new goodies:


MAC Greenstroke p/p
MAC Painterly p/p
Mineralissima Blackstar Green (inner half of lid + lower lashline)
Mineralissima Blackstar Blue (outer half of lid)
Gosh Spa effect powder (middle of lid)
MAC Shadowy Lady (crease + lower lashline)
MAC Swimming (above crease)
MAC Shroom (highlight)
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MF FLE mascara

And then some eyecandy :D

I found a barbie themed contest, and I tried to do a barbie inspired makeup. Bright girly colors coming up!


MAC Painterly p/p
Mschic Electric purple (lid)
Gosh Spa effect powder (crease)
MAC Brash & Bold pigm. (above crease)
Mschic Electric yellow (above Brash & Bold)
MuS Goldglow eyedust (highlight)
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner

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