Sep 28, 2009

Bad makeup day.

Yesterday was really good day with makeup.

My LOTD was pretty, and the CallowLily was a success.

I really can't say same of today.

I first did a 1920's inspired makeup with dark round eyes and dark lips:


Well, it made me look awfully tired.

I washed it away, and did another one:


This one is quite awful too, and if I would have the time, I would do another one.
But since I don't have time, I have to stick with this one.

But anyway, soon I'm of to get my new shoes:

Oh, and I was about to order MAC Eye Shadow Palette - Novel Twist - 5 Warm Eyes yesterday:

It has both Vanilla and Club, and it would be cheaper to order that palette, than buy Vanilla and Club  from sore, but then my browser crashed in PayPal site. It does it apparently every time. So I apparently has my own personal shopping lock :S *sigh*


  1. Ooooo, I think BOTH of your makeup looks are beautifully stunning!!! Wish I had your talent! Also, I had not seen pix of the MAC eyeshadow palette~Novel Twist... It is gorgous! I love ALL your looks and am so glad you take the time to photograph and post them for us!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  2. I so love your new shoes! Which brand is it? Where will you get them from? I also love your first makeup, maybe for another day?
    Take care!

  3. Becky, thank you! <3

    St├ęphanie, shoes are Pleaser's Funtasmas :D

  4. wow i love both of these looks!!!


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