Aug 13, 2009

Peacock and mail

First of all, I did Peacock makeup tutorial on YouTube today:

Then the other news:

I just received my order from Mschic. They came in yellow wrapping tissue with a black satin ribbon, like how cute is that? Of course the was a postpackage over them, but I mean inside.
When I was opening the package, I noticed that there was also a lipstick that I didn't order, so I assume it was a free gift *g*

BUT I am actually pretty disappointed with mschic website's description photos. Some of them are accurate, but some of them are not.

So, what did I get?

Metallic orchid

This is what it looked like in the picture:
This is how it really looks like:
(A bit bad photo, I applied the color badly)

This is actually quite nice color, it's really metallic and pretty color. From the description photo I thought that the color was darker, but since the color is very metallic, it's hard to get a good photo of it.

Matte Fuchsia

This is what it looked like in the picture:
This is how it really looks like:

This is much lighter in real life than in the description photo. This is really matte, nice purple shade.

Electric violet
This is what it looked like in the picture:
This is how it really looks like:

Ummm... Am I the only one who sees a really big difference in description photo and my swatch? I'm a bit disappointet that 'electric' seems to stand for 'extreme glitter'.
But anyway, it's not bad, blue-is lilac glitter. Definately not what I expected, but nice anyway.

Electric red
This is what it looked like in the picture:
This is how it really looks like:

I was so excited when I saw this on their website. 'Finally, a REAL red!', I though. But no, it's glitter orange-red. I'm not saying that it's a bad color, but it's not RED, as I thought.
I think it doesn't look orange at all it the description photo, more like crimson or so.

Electric Purple
This is what it looked like in the picture:
This is how it really looks like:

Umm. No. This is really glitterish and shimmering purpleish pink. I wouldn't call this purple.
But well, this reminds me of Gosh Purple Rain effect powder, just the purple part taken away.
This was really a disappointment.

Electric golden black
This is what it looked like in the picture:

This is how it really looks like:
I love this.
I really, really love this.
This is AMAZING.
It's gold, but when you rub it bit harder, it's black. I'm not kidding, this stuff really changes color. Freaking amazing. Worth every cent.

Lipchic Vampirella

Nice creamy color, just maybe not my color.

Overall I'm happy with my order, since I paid only 5 euros/ eyeshadow (~$7). Their normal price is somewhere about 14 euros (~$19).

I actually also placed another order, more cheepish mineral shadows :3 I ordered ie. white, black, silver... :3

And last but not least my LOTD:

I used only mschic Electric Golden Black and Gosh Paradise above the crease.


  1. mie kans tilasin tuolta pari luomiväriä, mm. sen ruskeamintun (?) jota suosittelit. :)
    ja se huulipuna oli tilaajalahjana yli kahenkympin tilauksesta, siellä se mainitaan sivuilla!
    ja kuvat on joo kyllä aikamoista sontaa tuolla.. kuten mielestäni nettisivut muutenkin. :S
    mut nyt kun ilman postikuluja sai tarjoustuotteita, niin eipä pettymys niin paha ole.

  2. Ai katos, tuollahan on tuollainen tilaajalahjaosio, enhän mä ole tuollaista tajunnutkaan :D Näin hyvin kato luen taas :D
    Mä en tosiaan silleen oo pettyny noihin, lähinnä just sen takia, ettei joudu maksaa postareita ja tuotteet on poistohintaisia. Normihintaisina en niitä kyllä ostaisi. :P

  3. I agree, the colours are vastly different. So different in some cases that I can't believe it wasn't intentional. The red, fuchsia and electric violet in particular.

    It's very hard to find an actual red. MAC Pro Basic Red is a matte red pigment, and I think... Aromaleigh? Do one called "OMG" which is a red red.

  4. Do you know if they would ship to Belgium? Because their Q&A section is in Finnish only, which I have a very limited knowledge of.

  5. Mariella, I found this from Q&A:
    "Hinnasto/International Shipping Eurooppa

    Tilaus(Order) € Toimituskulu €(Shipping rate)

    Alle (less than) 49.99 € 7.90
    50.00-74.99 € 11.10
    75.00-98.99 € 15.90
    99.00 ja yli saat tilauksen postikuluitta (over 99e = free shipping)"
    I guess that means they do ship in Europe then :D

  6. Great, thank you!!

  7. You know, you might try Lime Crime, their colors are true to the picture, I've ordered them and was very impressed for them to be the same as on the website. I think it's, but if you just google Lime Crime, you'll find it.


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