Aug 24, 2009


What do I want?

Of course I want EVERYTHING, but let's start with something I want right now.

I'm SO waiting for the new MAC collection to arrive in Finland! It looks so great!
Check the rest of the collection here.

I must have:

Violet Trance eyeshadow:
Doesn't it look just amazing?

Push the Edge pigment:
I'm a purple addict, I can't help it. I just love different shades of purple.

What I may want:

Off the Page eyehadow:
I love the color on this one, but I really need to think do I NEED this. I don't have any orange eyeshadows, so it would be a nice addition to my collections.

Reflects Rust glitter:
This I think I'd like to swatch before buying. I own a lot of glitters, but I really never use them. If this is something unique and amazing (again *g*), I might get it.

And then I want MAC Parfait Amour:
Like I said, I'm a purple addict. And this was just amazing (Why do I think I use a lot of 'amazing'?) *g*

Then I'd like to try Revlon Colorstay foundation, since everybody is complimenting it:

Of course I could loot the whole MAC stall and whole Makeup Store and take all MUFE products and all basic drugstore product's, but I guess this is all this time.

I MUST win in lottery -_-

I also got my 5 Makeup Store Eyedust and one MUFE star powder today, I'll post swatches of them later today!

EDIT: This is more of a reminder to myself, I MUST get Makeup Store Buzzer cybershadow:


  1. I wanted Violet Trance until I saw swatches of it, it's really chalky and horrible when swatched. There are much nicer purples, Parfait Armor has a much better finish.

    Just please don't order Violet Trance without trying it in a store, it's nowhere nice as nice as it looks in the pot :[

    Crest the Wave looks great, it looks a lot like the old C-Shock colour Going Bananas which was the most gorgeous yellow. I want the orange, too, and Haunting.

  2. Anastasia, I admit I've watched the swatches in growing fear, in most of the swatches it really looks really chalky and non-pigmented. I guess it's a good thing that I can't order it anywhere, that I have to walk into the store and buy it if I want it.

    Parfait amoir is in my list, I just fell in love in the blueish tint that the Violet Trance has. I just have to hope that the pics and users are bad, not the product. :P


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