Aug 8, 2009

Long time, MAC seen.

I really haven't written anything in a while.

I just hope this time goes better than the last time :P


Today I was in Helsinki, and I bought some makeup.

I bought MAC Blackground paint pot , MAC Seedy Pearl eyeshadow, Makeup Store Sunset eyedust, Makeup Store lash glue and some brandless feather lashes. And I got a Makeup Store's Pop lipgloss as a free gift.

Some reviews of the makeup:

MAC paint pot Blackground:

I think I'm in love ;D
I love how my eyeshadows almost change color, when this is used as a primer. It's black, but it also has kind of a goldish glow in it.

MAC Seedy Pearl eyeshadow:

I love this too. I was gonna buy an eyeshadow called "Chill", but it was out of stock. I was thinking of buying some purple color, but then I was recommended this one and I was sold ;D It's very pearlish, shimmery pink/white. Well, like a pearl :D It can be used for highlighting or for the base color of the makeup. I'm happy I bought this too. (Though I secretly wish I'd had bought Parfait Amour eyeshadow too :3 )

Makeup Store Sunset eyedust:

This was actually a huge disappointment. At least I haven't really figured out how to use this. It feels chalky and it dusts EVERYWHERE. It has a sort of "safety lid", but it's still everywhere when you open it :(
Color is quite nice, the swatch I did in the store was kinda shimmery yellow with a orange shade on it. But on the lid it looks just plain yellow. A bit dirty yellow, actually :(
I let you know if my opinion changes, though.

Makeup Store Pop lipgloss:

I'm really not much of a lipgloss or even lipstick person anymore. At some point lipstick was almost the most important part of my makeup, but now I hardly ever paint my lips. When I do, I use some light, brownish, nude color. So this product is something I never would have bought,
but I actually like this :D This is very neutral, bit orange color, but I think my lips' natural color goes quite well with this.

And last but not least, the lashes I bought:

Makeup Store had these too, but they were twice as expensive as these brandless, so I bought brandless and saved money :3

I made two VERY quick looks with my today's shoppings. Here's the first:
I used MAC Blackground paint pot as a primer for the lid and lower lashline
Gosh waterproof eyeshadow Love That Moss as a primer for upper crease
Gosh waterproof eyeshadow Love that Ivory as a primer for highlight
Gosh Blue Whale effect powder on the lid and lower lashline
Makeup Store Sunset eyedust on upper crease
MAC Seedy Pearl eyeshadow on highlight
Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner nro 11
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara

I also made a simpler one:
MAC Blackground paint pot as a primer on the lid
Gosh waterproof eyeshadow Love That Ivory as a primer for upper crease and to highlight
MAC Seedy Pearl for the lid and highlight
Makeup Store East microshadow in crease and lower lashline blended well
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara

This shows well how the eyeshadow changes with the black primer *g*

So that's all for this time. :)

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  1. I took me 3 days to go through your blog ! It's great, you're very skilled ! Greetings from France xxx


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