Aug 26, 2009

1 2 3 FIREEEE!

Makeup Geek has a Weekly challenge, this week's (or two week's actually) theme is ELEMENTS. You know, like fire, water, air and earth.

For my first entry I chose fire.

It actually started as my LOTD, but then it reminded me of fire and I modified it a BIT.

Here's the first pic:

Then I added some glitter:

And some more glitter, yellow and red e/s and my megalashes:


And one with a bit of photoshopping in the eye:

Here's the glitters that I used:
Sadly, most of them reflect into green, so the fire effect wasn't quite what I hoped for :P

And then among the glitters there is
Mschic electric yellow
Mschic electric red
Mschic matte black

And my then LOTD:



Gosh Love That Mint as a primer
Mix of Gosh Emerald, Mschic matte black and Gosh Aquatic on the lid
MuS Bamboo on crease and above
Gosh Apple Jam on inner corner
MuS Goldglow in highlight
Gosh Cool Mint eye pencil in waterline

I also got my Mschic electric yellow today. It's nice and it's yellow. What else can I say. Now I just want the electric green, so I'd have the whole collection. *g*

Oh, and I also ordered my first MAC pigment samples. They were on sale :3
I'll get:
Full Force Violet
Reflects Rust (so I can see if it really is worth buying)

I'm also gonna get MAC Greenstroke paintpot and MAC Smoothblue eye pencil. Then I still have my NYX Pearl Mania's on the way, and I'm going to Helsinki at friday, and I'll probably shop MuS Buzzer and Revlon Colorstay foundation then... :3
What do you mean addicted? *wide grin*


  1. OOohh!! Mielettömän upeita oot taas tehny! :)

  2. aaah you're ruining everybody's chances already ;-))

  3. Sassa, kiitos <3

    Mariella, I actually kind a feel bad when I'm reading comments like "There is no chance for us now after Jangsara's entry" etc.
    I'm not participating for the prizes, and definately not for bringing people down.
    I just love to challenge myself.

    Usually I can't figure what should I do with makeup. I'm out of ideas. Then when somebody suggest me something, I usually get inspired, and I love it *g*

    That's why I loe weekly challenges in MUG.

    Sometimes I just wonder if I shoul stop posting, since people seem to think I'm "too good" for entering contests or something.

    This is really annoying, my english isn't so good that I would get my point out :S

    And Mariella, I wasn't offended of your comment or anything, I just wanted to clear my thoughts out. :D

  4. Sweetie, you don't have to worry, a lot of people LOVE seeing your looks, me included .- I don't mind if you're way better than me, we need all the beauty we can get in this world!
    I know you're not doing it for the prizes, and I know Marlena is not going to pick the same winner every week anyway ;-)
    So please keep posting, and though I think you understood me, I want to say clearly that I didn't mean to offend you and that this was a funny way to give a compliment ;-D

  5. Please do a tutorial for this look. It is AMAZING!


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