Jul 16, 2012

Tutorial: Little Miss Jangsara

 One of my readers, Starla, asked me to do a tutorial of Amelia Arsenic's Little Miss Militia look:

http://destroyx.com/2010/12/22/makeup-mayhem-little-miss-militia/ - Check out to see what she used for her original look and check her out anyway, she's pretty awesome!

I decided to use as much Sugarpill products as possible, and I didn't want to cut any of my falsies, so my version isn't exactly the same as hers, but I think it's still quite close:

First I started with the contact lens. Mine is UV-blue from foureyez.com, because they were the closest I had:

Next I did the brow with black pencil:

Then I applied white base (NYX jumbo Pencil Milk & Sugarpill Tako), and added a line to point where the eyeliner goes:

Next I used black shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) to sketch the shape of the eyeshadow:

Then some more black shadow (SP Bulletproof) to add more shape:

Then I used a black gel liner to shape the edges, and also added the line for lower lashline.
 OPTIONAL: I used Sugarpill Lumi to blend the black a bit, you may use this if you don't have any glitters:

Next I applied Eye Kandy Cosmetics Confetti glitter to the transition point between black and white:

Then I added some more black and white to make the look more balanced:

Then I used a black gel liner (MAC blacktrack) to line my upper lashline:

I added a small amount of Sugarpill Absinthe to lower inner corner (Sugarpill Acidberry suits also well!):

And finally I added lashes, Sugarpill Flutter lashes on upper lashline and Sugarpill Porcelain lashes on lower lashline. If you want, you can cut the lower lashes to match the original look better.

Annnnnnnnd it done!

Pair with red lips (Illamasqua Sangers), light skin and bold attitude!

Funny enough, I found out today that I'm apparently nominated  for the Cosmopolitan Established beauty blog award!


  1. WOW that is amazing well done for your nomination as well! xoxo


  2. WOW! This looks amazing! You are an artist.

  3. Gorgeous work, and congratulations on your nomination, that's awesome!

  4. crazy amazing, very burlesque! thanks for sharing

  5. I love your work !!

  6. Wow! Cool!


  7. How does that work then since you have to be a British blogger either living in the UK or abroad but from the UK?

    1. I have no idea. I didn't even know I was nominated, until someone talked about it in Twitter. I'm pretty sure they'll disqualify me eventually then :D

  8. OMG mitääää!! Oot niin hyvä! :o

  9. OH MY GOD!! I have to show her this right now, she's gonna go INSANE!!! You did a phenomenal job!

  10. Could you do a tutorial of Night Elf makeup from World of Warcraft?

  11. eye Kandy Cosmetics Confetti are amazing, LIKE YOU <3


  12. Oh! This looks really challenging. I have all the materials except the glitter eye shadow. Where can I get one? What do you usually use for yours. I see it is multi colored. The lower lashes look perfect as well. Definitely one of your best tutorials!

  13. This blog has inspired to start wearing and get better at applying make up <3 I love it! Thank you.


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