Mar 12, 2012

Tutorial: Green as a leprechaun

We don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day here in Finland, but I know a lot of you guys celebrate it, so I wanted to make a tutorial for a bold, green and sparkly look.

I also recorded a video, if you're interested to see HOW to do the little details. Please try not to mind the quality, I can't afford to get  a real video camera, so this is all I can do.
I managed to do some things in different order, and forgot to do some steps completely, but oh well.:3

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper primer
(NYX Jumbo pencil Milk)
MAC Emerald Green pigment 
MAC Dark Soul pigment
MAC Teal pigment
Sugarpill Absinthe chromalust
The Body Needs Esoteric glitter
The Body Needs Enchanted glitter
MAC Reflect Transparent Teal pigment
Black gel liner
False lashes

First prime your lid:

Then apply light base, if you want the colors really to pop (I forgot to do this in the video, but the result is still the same in both eyes):

Then apply forest green shadow to your lid (MAC Emerald Green):

Then apply dark color to your crease (MAC Dark Soul):

Then apply different shade of green (or teal) to above crease (MAC Teal):

Next, blend the teal with some light green (Sugarpill Absinthe):

I decided to be a little radical, and extended the light green (Sugarpill Absinthe) all the way up to the brow, leaving a small area untouched in the middle of the brow:

I then applied shimmery white to the middle for highlight:

Then I applied green glitter (The Body Needs Esoteric) to outer part of the lid:

Next I applied lighter glitter to middle of the lid (The Body Need Enchanted):

And then I applied MAC Reflects Transparent Teal to above the crease, pretty much all the way up to highlight:

Next the liner (Joe Blasco black)... :

And MAC Emerald green to lower lashline:

And mascara:

And finally false lashes (some random false lower lashes and Sugarpill lashes) :

Paired with nude lips (ie. MAC Creme D'Nude, Gosh Darling):


  1. Again a beautiful make-up!!! I really like the green colours and the glitter :-) I don't celebrate the Day too, I'm from Germany. Take care! :-)

  2. amazing! Green are my favorite shades for eyes. This is one of my favorites, really have to try it!

  3. Oh wow, your looks are judt awesome, i'm very impressed! Thumbs up!!

  4. wow! you are so wonderful & this Look is so amazing!
    I LOVE IT!

  5. You look great in greens! I actually played with green this past weekend for the first time in forever. They're so fun, but so unloved (in my collection)

  6. Wow! The way you placed the Highlight is so interesting! Great & Special look :)

  7. Que lindoooooooooooo !

    Tem look novo no blog vem conferir :)

  8. Beatiful mate up!!!! Kisses from spain

  9. This is amazing- I LOVE greens!! And the hair went with it perfectly. LOVE

  10. so damn beautyful. Thanx for the video.

  11. I love this look and the green wig is an awesome touch!

  12. Beautiful look!

  13. Thank you for the tutorial! I love your color placement and choices :)

  14. Love it!! <3

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  16. amazing look, i love the colours!

  17. I did something similar to this because I liked it so much. :D
    Mine is a bit darker all around and I used Goldilux under the glitter to enhance it a bit more. I'll post a pic later! (:

  18. Can you do a video or tips on how to take nice pictures? I think you take amazing photos! :D When I take pictures of myself I look horrible, and I don't even look like myself. I just really don't know how to pose, or what kind of camera to use, ect. Thanks for reading! :]

  19. Loooooooove it !!! I wish if st patrick's could be every day so I could wear this make up the whole year


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