Nov 16, 2011


A while back I ordered some MAC samples from, and they asked me if I wanted to try some of their shadows too.
I got to pick 4 shadows from them, I picked three shades from their Blackened -collection, and one lighter shade.

The colors I got were: (L to R) Blackened Emerald, Blackened Turquoise, Blackened Violet, Juniper and Pixie Dust:

The blackened colors are pure awesomeness!

Blackened Violet:
Oh, PUPRLE! <3 I have a thing for purples, I know :3
This is just superpretty, dark, but when light hits it, it really stunning!
 Blackened Violet in inner and outer corner, Sugarpill Hysteric in the middle of the lid.

Blackened Emerald:
Once upon a time I searched for the perfect green (I'm still searching for the perfect red!), and thought that Pure Luxe's Pandora was the One. I've since accepted that there can be many perfect colors, but this is damn near perfection!

Blackened Emerald in both inner and outer corners, and Sugarpill Absinthe in the middle of the lid. MAC Undercurrent as a liner.

Blackened Turquoise:

Even though I love the purple and green, this is my favorite. This is pure awesomeness beyond all words.

Blackened Turquoise in both inner and outer corners, Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow in the middle of the lid, TBN Pixie Dust in the very inner corner.

Pixie Dust:

This is a really nice, gold-toned glitter. Can't be really used as a highlighter by itself, but it works really well over highlighters and darker shadows.

This was my surprise color, rich turquoise with green/gold undertones. This looks really similar to Pure Luxe's Toy Boy, which is re-packed TKB mica, but the texture isn't quite the same, and this one is maybe a bit lighter than Toy Boy.

And last my MAC samples...
They weren't so special :S I don't know what I was expecting from MAC, but these were boring:

PS, still few days to enter my Illamasqua contest, if you haven't already!


  1. I placed my order within 4 minutes when I saw Blackened Turquoise. OMG this is so beautiful! However, I ordered the Crush Pot, because I prefer pressed shadows

  2. Wow, this blackeneds and juniper are just inbeliveble! soo beautiful!

    Ehat is this lens you are wearing? they're pretty cool! <3


  3. Ahhhh love them!!! so pigmented and just gorgeous colours. X

  4. unbelievable* sorry

  5. OH MY GOD these colours are GOR-GEOUS!!
    blackened turquoise is my favourite, such a perfect colour! *o*

  6. Love the colors! :) But must adimit that it was your gorgeous eyes/eyecolor that I noticed. Is that contacts you are wearing and if so where did get the (or what is the name of them)???? :D Beautyful!

    Love your blog!

  7. I absolutely adore the green look you did with the blackened green and absinthe!

  8. Those blackened shades are beautiful!

  9. I love the Blackened Collection! The Smoked Collection is pretty amazing too.

  10. Aivan mielettömän upeita värejä! Tuo Blackened Turquoise on pakko saada.

  11. I've heard a little bit about The Body Needs but haven't really given them much thought. After seeing the Blackened Collection and the colors you posted, I think I need to give them a second look!

  12. Wow love the swatches!
    I have a giveaway please stop by and participate to win a sigma beauty gift certificate

  13. Oh my gosh. The blackened turquoise is gorgeous!

  14. Beautiful pigments! thanks for sharing! I will check the web

  15. Blackened metallics are so pretty!!

  16. OMG they're gorgeous!!!
    I should consider to place an order, but I'm afraid I'll have to face with custom hitches.
    Damned Italy!!

  17. Amazing colours!
    Blackened violet and blackened emerald are my favorite.
    Thanks for post!

  18. These colours just scream 'peacock' to me. They're beautiful! :)

  19. I LOVE THOSE COLOURS! All of my favourite ones !! <3

  20. Blackened Turquiose is my favourite one.

    Just added it on my "Whish List" for next month....

  21. All the shades are looks good but Juniper looks such a cool. I am really impressed with your sense of makeup.

  22. I purchased all three of the shadows after I saw this post and I really love them. They're lovely over Pixie Epoxy. Blackened Emerald is also gorgeous without PE. Thanks for the recommendation!

  23. How does the application of these compare to Fyrinnae shadows? I have a tough time getting good wear out of Fyrinnae, but these seem so finely milled and soft.

  24. I've always been terrified of ordering online, but I HAVE to have these! Thankyou so much :D


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