Sep 5, 2011

Tutorial: Kim Kardashian smokey eye

I saw someone asking a tutorial of Kim Kardashian's look:

I though it could be fun to see how I would pull this up, so here's my version and the tutorial :D
(Before someones starts a fight, I admit that I have used a quite a lot of photoshop in some of the pics. )

(And I'm sorry if the tutorial pics are too dark, my screen broke and I didn't have enough time to configure my borrowed screen)

You need:
Black base color
Black shadow
Darkish brown shadow
(Lighter brown shadow)
Gold-toned white shadow
black waterliner
False lashes

Start with priming your lid as always:

Then apply black base to your lid. You can use MAC Shade/greasepaint sticks, MAC Paint pots, NYX Jumbo pencils, or anything black and sticky:

Then apply black eyeshadow over the black base:

Same thing to the outer lower lashline:

..and black shadow over the base there too:

Then take darkish brown shadow, and blend it to crease and upwards from there:

I then took a bit lighter brown, and blended it almost up to my brow:

Then blend the black on the lower lashline with some brown too, apply brown to your inner lower lashline too:

Time for light! Apply some gold-toned white to your inner corner:
 .. and to your highlight:

Then line your waterline with the blackest black you'll find. One nice way is to take gel liner with a black pencil, so that you get both the gel liner and the pencil:

Apply couple layers of black mascara:

And to finalize the look, use huuuuuge falses on both upper and lower lashline. If you want the Kim look, use also several individual lashes on both lashlines:

Pair with nude lipstick, clear lipgloss, and heavy shadings on cheeks (it looks like Kim K is also using shading powder on her temples..):

Eyecolor makes a huge difference, you know :D

Oh, and btw, I made a blog containing most of my step-by-step tutorials, so now you can find them at one place: Jangsara's tutorials


  1. you are killing it with those lashes! spot on recreation, yours is super gorgeous

    Vonnie of

  2. I'm so excited you did a blog just for your tutorials! I have a date tonight and needed inspiration!!!

  3. I am so trying this look out next time I go clubbing.

  4. This looks so pretty! And yeah, eye color does make a big difference...mine are pretty much black, so looks like these do nothing for me boo hoo.

  5. The eyelashes are the stars of this look!
    Love the nude lips,they look so sensual!

  6. I will neber stop marvelling at your amazing skills :DDDD
    Unfortunately, these completely black-rimmed eyes are not for me... but I still find them pretty on others.

  7. Soo beautiful! Thanks for this tutorial.
    I think smokey eyes look the best on bright eye colors. On my dark brown eyes it looks so tacky :(

  8. This is an amazing smoky eye! Love it.

  9. I love your lashes, so beautiful.
    Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  10. I really like the way you explain. Thanks a lot !!! (and always amazing looks) ;)

  11. Gorgeous as always! Thanks for the tute!!

  12. love this! I really enjoy every peg you do! :)

  13. wow it looks amazing!! thanks!!


  14. Todella onnistunut ja esikuvaansa hienosti kunnioittava versio!

  15. you look stunning with this makeup...

  16. Sorry to say, but this is the worst Kim Kardashian smoky eye tut, I've seen. And I've seen many.

  17. um actually I've seen a lot of Kim Kardashian tuts as well and this is BY FAR MY FAVORITE ONE. It's amazing! May I ask what kind of lashes you are using? :)

  18. Thank you for the gorgeous tutorial! I added it to a list I created of smokey eye makeup tutorials - be sure to check it out and leave a comment!

    Thanks again!

  19. Your gorgeous girl, thanx for the tutorial :)


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