Apr 12, 2011

I wasn't born pretty

I was contacted by Born Pretty store a while back, they asked me if I wanted to review some of their products on my blog.
So I picked some interesting stuff, here they are:

- Gold color foil nail sticker
- Nail art french stamp template kit
- Nail art stamper with scraper
- Black & blue feather false eyelashes
- Gold colour false nails
- Easy and fast glitter nail art Stickers

I'll start with the overview of the store.
Though the website is a bit messy, it has great selection of cool stuff. Lots of nail art stuff that can be used on makeup (such as nail rhinestones, dried flowers etc).
Once you find your way through the link jungle, I'm pretty sure you'll find SOMETHING you must have :D

Then there's false lashes, lash extensions (of some kind, I have no experience), some makeup (no idea of the quality either) and huuuge amounts of nail stuff.

Prices are low, and so are the shipping rates (I have also placed an order there, so I know), and both delivery and customer service was good.

So I'll start with the lashes:
I've been wanting dotted eyelashes for ages, and now I finally have a pair. I still haven't really figured out what look should I really use them in (the mermaid look seemed like a good idea, but it turned out to be quite disaster).
So I'm still waiting for "the big inspiration" with these.
Quality isn't the best, but hey, the price isn't the highest either ($3.83). These may not last for ten uses, but couple uses easily.

Glitter nail stickers.
These were probably the worst item of the bunch.
They are really cheap feeling and looking, and they really don't last long on nails.
But if you have a glitter themed party or something, these aren't a bad choice. Just don't expect too much. But on the other hand, they are $1,66 / sheet (20 stickers) so you won't go broke if you try these.

Stamp, scraper and fauxnads (fake konads).
I actually stumbled across bornprettystore while searching cheap plates, and I ended up ordering the 12 plate kit and I was quite happy with them. Of course they are not the same quality as Konad's , but who really is expecting that?
They work nicely, I didn't have any problems to get the image on the nail.
With the price of $4.85 (two plates, scraper and stamper) I think it's a pretty good deal!

Golden nail foils:
I fell in love with nail foil stickers when I tried the tiger-striped one's from OPI, and these didn't let me down either. They are easy to use, quick to apply, and quite long-lasting (even on my nails).
I still think they are a bit pricey ($4,25), thinking that you can only use them once, but at least they are a lot cheaper than OPI's :D

Golden false nails:
I wasn't expecting anything from these, but they were the B E S T thing ! I LOVE them.
They look cool, they catch attention, they are not too long or too short.. And as a bonus they come (at least in my case) in a handy small jar :D
There's 24pcs, and they cost $5,18, so lots of fun with small price!

Seriously, I'll do a makeup post soon too, i guess I'm having a writer's block of some kind :P

PS. My new and official website is online:
What do you think? Any suggestions, ideas, anything?


  1. LOVING the gold nails! Definitely the only thing that caught my eye, and you're so right in that they're the PERFECT length.

  2. The eyelashes and the gold nails are beautiful!

  3. I like your website! It's defonately good that you have so many pictures about your work! :))


  4. You really did get some awesome stuff. Those gold nails are so rad! Love the lashes too!

  5. Thanks for share these beautiful pics of these things. I am lucky because I am regular visitor of your blog. I find some fantastic accessories, makeup kits and your new looks.

  6. i ordered few things, but still waiting for package to come

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    Ja ihan muuten vaan: kuvat 24/25 ja 25/25 omista silmämeikkikuvistasi ovat mielettömän upeita! Löytyykö niistä enemmän kuvia blogin puolelta?

  8. those gold nails looks awesome!! lady gaga instantly came to mind when i saw them =)

  9. ive been asked to do some reviews aswell, they even came back to me for more.
    I think they ahve a wonderfull selection of things for a very reasonable price. Especially the awesome fake lashes, feathers!!! and nail art stuffies!


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