Apr 17, 2011

Eyeko Liptastiks and some looks


I've been feeling little ill lately, so I really haven't updated anything, but here's a little round-up:

I got some Eyeko Liptastik lip pencils to try, and I love them:

They are close to Tarte lipsurgence lipstains I reviewed at some point, but these have COLOR.

My personal favourite turned out to be Hot Lips, which is lovely fuchsia shade. Loudmouth is a bit tricky color, it's KINDA muted red-pink, but still very bright. Lip Lover is really stunning bright orange-based red, but unfortunately I don't like using orange-based reds, I prefer blue-based more. But if your looking for real  firetruck red, Lip Lover is one!

They are not dry at all, they are very glossy and VERY pigmented, and they stay on lips quite well. I still had color on my lips after eating, smoking and drinking, and it didn't even look bad. Faded, but not bad.

And swatches on lips.

Hot Lips:

Lip Lover:
If you happen to order from eyeko.com, with the code E15485 you'll receive free gift with all purchases over $20!

Then some makeup photos, wohoo!
Though the makeup aren't that wohoo, I've been very non-creative with my looks lately.

But here's one of the newest (and brightest) I've done:
I used mostly MUFE shadows in this one.

Then a random collection of looks, as you can see they are all quite similar, not bright, not colorful, not creative, just plain and maybe a bit boring. I really can't remember all the products I've used, these are collected over a month's period, but if you wan to know more about some look, I'll try to answer.

I also made a Sucker Punch makeup tutorial, hopefully I'll be posting it to Makeup Geek site soon:

Here's highlights of the review and swatches that are coming at some point:


  1. Can't wait for the Dollface tutorial, looks awesome!

    Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Looks are great and lipsticks are wonderful. The looks are like very confidential in those lipsticks. Thanks for shared it.

  3. Your lips look /so good/. Might check out those lip pencils, now.

  4. I like the look you just made (purple and MUFE shadows) :) Spring is coming and that look suits it well :)


  5. saako noita eyekon liptastikkeja suomesta jostakin kaupasta vai netin kautta vaan?

  6. I've loud mouth and hot lips and I love!!!!



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