Aug 5, 2010

Saved by kitty litter


There's another look for my deadly sins, this time LUST.
I wanted to do kind of pornstar look, with totally overdone lips and dark eyemakeup and huge false lashes:

First pic look a bit 80's Farrah though :D

Then I got Eyeko's new Cream with Extra Glow to try.
 It's a multitasking highlighter, which moisturizes, highlights and works as eye cream too.

First I have to say that the box is really sweet.  It's beautiful and supercute, but still kinda simple looking:

Here's the incredient list, if someone wants:

The jar itself looks a bit cheap:

But the cream itself is really pretty:

It's super creamy, slightly pinkish and leaves really pretty glow. I guess this works really well, if you don't use a lot of skin makeup, and want some fresh glow for highlights.

Here it is on skin:

I was also feeling a bit creative today, and I did this:
MUFE Star Powder #949, Sugarpill Goldilux and Sleek black from Circus palette. And Nailrhinestones, false lashes and Inglot #76 eyeliner gel.

I was also feeling a bit creative yesterday.
Like I mentioned, MUG has comic inspired Weekly Challenge, and since I can't really take part to it, I made a look just for fun.

Here's Catwoman:
Black facepaint, white paper in tiny shreds, false lashes, simple eye makeup and red lips.

Tomorrow possibly to Helsinki, maybe I find something to shop?


  1. wow! your so talented! lovely work

  2. Everything you do is always so gorgeous!
    I'd love to see more step by step tutorials.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! You're so talented

  4. You are so talented!!! Keep posting these gorgeous looks... they are my eye candy!

  5. Oh I loved the first one so nice.

  6. Ohh that eyeko stuff looks awesome :)


    p.s. you are amazingly talented !!!

  7. The 'Lust' look is HOT!! I know you were going for the overdone pornstar look (lol) but it looks really good! Glad to see you were feeling creative :) Both looks are great!! xoxo

  8. Love the 'pornstar' look, its really pretty!

  9. Whoa! I like this look a lot! Splendid!

  10. Wow. I can never elaborate anymore except for 'you're so talented'. The first look blew my mind, but the second is even better. They are SO gorgeous.

  11. All these looks are gorgeous!!! i love what you did for the challenge on MUG, it's terrific!!!!
    Thanks for the anwser about the lenses ;)
    Take care

  12. you have a RIDICULOUS amount of talent. OMGGGG.

  13. Your creativity inspires me and I'm an artist. I feel your energy through your work!! Keep em coming doll!!

  14. OMG...!!
    The red look is soooooooooo creative. Jangsara you are very very talented. love your work. Keep it up..Esha

  15. You´re really amazing and you impress and inspire me everytime. Thank you for that!

  16. The lust look is cool, well done. I really like the red look too :D

  17. Otsikko oli niin tuttu, paras Batman leffa!
    Upeita meikkejä.

  18. pornstar look look good on you ;)

    i love the red look, looks like something i would try out :)

    and i like the catwoman pics, you cant really tell thats not a real mask. well done!

  19. A step by step tutorial for the second look, maybe? >:)

  20. I really like thw lust look. Can you tell me details about the products for lips?

  21. Thank you for posting the ingredients list! :) We, the allergic people, appreciate that! Keep on doing so!

    (I've been reading your blog for quite a while, I'm a facebook fan too, but this is the first time I actually comment! I love your makeup ART!)

    Ana from Brazil

  22. Your makeup is always inspirating...
    Very beautiful and artistic!

  23. I love it! Love all the looks! You are so talented! And that glow cream, AMAZING!

  24. Just love that cream!!

    I've a little gift for you, look here:

  25. I love both of these looks. The Lust one is perfect, so sultry and glam!

  26. love all the looks :) well done :)

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    Please do not hesitate to answer, whatever your answer.



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  28. You have done such a wonderful eye makeup. That it can be said that it is killer make up. Your eyes are shining so much.

  29. i was thinking about that Eyeko cream and now i definatly want it .
    and yes, you could be awesome pornstar makeup artist :p


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