Apr 28, 2010

Makeup your Friends


I think I have somekind of spring depression.
Or then it because of the volcanic ashes from Iceland, which prevent me for getting my ebay stuffs.
I want them NOW! :<

Anyway, I really did so simple eye today, that I didn't even take pics from it, but here's to looks from past days:

First there my request look, Cara M asked me to make a look with Caribbean colours ("probably blues, greens and yellows")
So I took my Ben Nye pigments Turquoise, Cosmic Blue and Sun Yellow, and made this one:

I must admit though, that I didn't feel really comfortable in this one out in public, I felt like a clown.
So not gonna do this bright combos anymore :S

Then I wanted something metallic next day, and I took my Pure Luxes on use again.
This one is made with Alloy and Molten, along eith MAC Metal X Gold Spice:

Then I did makeup for someone else again!

Some of you might remember my blog post about the wild wig action with my friend.
My friend came over again, and yes you guessed right, more crazy wig action!

First the "before" -pic:

And after makeup:

And then W I G S:

She looks so sweet with this one!

It fits better on her than me :<

Hello Pamela! :D


Our favourite monster.

Artistic monster

And couple with her own hair:

For her makeup I used same skin routine I use, and for eyes I used MAC Moss Scape paint pot, MAC green Brown pigment, MAC Emerald Green pigment, MAC Deep Blue Green pigment, MSCHIC Green Mile eyestain and mascara.

AND, I was thinking I could do something wild and crazy with a tutorial!
Any suggestions?

PS. Sonia was my 900th reader, awesome!


  1. Okay for one, that bright look was HOT and I would wear it any day out. I think you looked beautiful with it :)

    Second, your friend, oddly I think looks a lot like you! I scrolled down too fast and thought it was you! :p gorgeous anyway!

  2. Hi,

    I love so much your wigs!! All of them are amazing, I wanna by one for me in ebay!!! :)

    Your friend is so beautiful, and the makeup were wonderful!!!

    Kisses!!! :)

  3. I want to play dress up too :( The green one is really nice. They are all very pretty.

  4. I love the gold look you did. And your friend should wear the short blonde wig everyday...she looks AWESOME

  5. omg you make me wanna run out & buy sum wigs :(

  6. The one with the short white wig is awesome! I wish I had that wig just to see if it would work it's magic on me :D

  7. I really like the metallic look you did.

  8. I think the short white wig and the first Gaga look is great on her :D

    And I really like the Caribbean look, I may have to steal it ;]

  9. Love alllllllll those looks!

  10. Ihania lookeja! Ja upeat peruukit!

  11. You did a fantastic job on your friend, she's beautiful! And I think the red hair and GaGa hair suit her the best!

  12. The makeup is awsome as ever!
    I love wigs, only have 3 at the moment but hope to get more soon. You have some gorgeous ones. x

  13. Hi,
    I really like the green/yellow thing that you have done. And I am always surprised how person can change by makeup. I love your wings. and Hmmm, my suggestion for wild makeup. Have you ever tried out "siren" makeup?

  14. hmm something wild....I just went to the elf fantasy fair and my costume was inspired by a raven. I'd love to see your take on makeup to go with a raven theme :)

  15. tell her to cut bangs, they really fit her

  16. where do you get those wigs they are amazing? Do you wear them out the house? x

  17. I like the look with the yellow and turquoise eyeshadow - this one is very pretty

  18. I loveeee the look green/ yeloww ...is fantastic !

  19. Upeasti kyllä käytät värejä ja häivytät. Ihanan näköistä. :)

  20. Amazing just simply amazing!.. wow!

  21. I like the 'Caribbean' look that you did, and I don't think it looks clownish...I'm more used to seeing you in darker colours, though. Maybe it's just a case of getting used to wearing something brighter?

    Your friend looks beautiful in all of those pictures (and wigs) :)

  22. I think your friend looks like you too!

  23. How do you cover up those spots she had onher chin???

  24. I really love your Caribbean look, perhaps you could make it less "clownish" (I understand what you mean but I don't agree with you, it just looks beautiful to me) bu using more of those bright colours combined with darker tones?
    The red wig looks awesome on your friend!

  25. Can you let us know the names of your ebay sellers you get your wigs from?

  26. I will try tomorrow to make the green and yellow look for a special event : I play drums in a brazilian group http://www.surdorei.com and we play in La Rochelle (France) tomorrow afternoon ;-)

    Beautiful !

  27. Wow the shorter blond wig really flattered your friend!


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