Mar 3, 2010

Brown pop

Hello again!

I actually had a good makeup day today, but bad eye day :D
I don't know, my eyes were really sore and watery, so my makeup quickly went looking a bit messend up.

But on the other hand, it was kinda messy look, so it didn't matter that much :3

I used MAC Cranberry, MAC Blue Steel pigment, and MAC Blue Brown pigment. And MAC Gesso eyeshadow for highlight.

Here's the look:

And a bad full face shot, I really don't know what's wrong with my face nowdays :S

I also did a little shopping, I bought a pair of natural looking false lashes, new moisturizer, two nail polisehes and Gosh Orange Drops lipstick:

And here's the Gosh lipstick swatched on lips:
I really like the formula in Gosh's lipsticks, it's really pigmented and colors are great. Though orange may not be my color.

Then I ordered two more wigs from Ebay :3
Since I love my white short wig, I ordered another short white wig, this time with fringe:


And red wig. I pondered a long time between two curly red wigs and this, but I though this was the best one:


So I have a lot of eyeshadows coming up in mail, and four different wigs :3

I know, I know, I'm a shopaholic :D


  1. I only own 1 wig and it was a bit pricey but im willing to check out that ebay store since the wigs look pretty good =P have you ever looked at korean style wigs? they are extremely realistic looking

  2. I was wondering, do you ever wear your wigs when you go out, or are they just for fun? :)

  3. That orange lipstick looks AWESOME :D

  4. hello,I like it very much yours look!I've discover you for a few days and I'm in love whit you and yours look! this is my blog if you want to check it out and tell your opinion about it:*

  5. Your eyes look gorgeous here :)

    I've also been having a really hard time with my eyes lately. They're really easily irritated and water and itch randomly.

  6. Ushishi, check out the ones that come from Hong Kong. I think they are awesome quality for my needs, and they are REALLY cheap. I mean, $16 and free shipping worldwide is really good deal!

    Simone, I have probably used my wig twice outside the house :3 I collect wigs just to change my look in front of camera, not in front of public :D

    SilhuetteScreams, it's sure is awesome color, I just don't know if I can ever use it public :D

    deea's beauty, thanks! Sweet looks you do, too!

    Lauren, thanks! Hope your eyes get better too!

  7. hey jangsara, I really adore your make-up posts and wanted to know if you can pleeeeeeease do a how-to tutorial for the brown pop look on top of this post. pleaaaaaaaaaase!


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