Feb 16, 2010

I like when they do it differently

This day was bad.

(Gee, aren't I an artist! :D )

I don't know. From the start it went bad. I woke up too early, kids were yelling, I felt a little ill, and I even coudn't do my makeup.
Everything I tried failed. At least I think it failed :3

I probably did... 4 almost LOTD, then I finally managed to do this:

Sadly, I didn't like it.  
I wanted to use glitter (I think there's mardi gras somewhere in the world today?), but I think this look just didn't work out. I really can't explain why :P

But anyway, I did one more natural look after that, but I didn't like it either.

Finally I came up with this:







I know I know, it sucks big time compared to some of my makeup's, but you can't win everyday, right? Especially after yesterday :D

But what it comes to that look; have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE duo chromes?

I just had to take pic of spome of my favourites:

(Damn, I forgot to include my "new" MUS Panic :( )
But there's Ben Nye, MAC, PureLuxe, Mineralissima...

I think duo cromes are the best <3 <3 <3

But there was SOMETHING good in this day. I got my Frankenstein shoes home! <3<3<3

AND I also got my MSCHIC by Jangsara blog up and running! Go check it out!


  1. I'm with you, I love duochromes! My favorites are from Fyrinnae and Meow's Friday the 13th collection.
    Which MAC shades are your favorite duochromes? If you're interested in seeing some of mine, you can find them under my Eye & Lip Swatch Gallery ;)

  2. Duochromes are awesome :D I feel liek I'm getting 2 shadows for the price of 1

    I really like the first look you did ^_^

  3. Dont worry we all have bad days it happens .. but i think your final LOTD looks great! I have such a hard time trying to oull off shimery colors and you do it so well.


  4. Pleaseeeeee! You have to tell me what you have used for the first look, it's fantastic!!!

  5. I also love the first look, it's like a fairytale, just beautiful!


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