Oct 15, 2009

Hey ho, let's go!


Sorry I'm late, I had to finish the book I was reading, Stephen King's Pet Sematary.
I both liked it and hated it.
It's almost always the same thing. I don't like reading them, but still I have to read them through.
Pet Sematary was har for me, since I have too children, like there is in the book. Even the ages match quite well.
But anyway, now I'm done with it, and that's it. And I'm not gonna watch the movie ;D

But anyway, I've been very productive today, but I wouldn't say creative.
I had the idea to do the most stunning makeup EVER, but all of my looks turned out to be "OK".

Here's my first LOTD for starters:


And the same makeup five hours later when the sun came out:

(Yes, it's the same makeup :D)
(Mineralissima Blackstar Green & Pure Luxe Pandora)

Then I wanted to honour my favourite band, Nightwish, byt doing a "new era" Nightwish makeup.
Well, all I can say, is that it looked so much deeper and better in real life:


(The "thing" on the outer corner is supposed to be anchor *g*)
(mostly made with NYX jumbo pencil and SMH makeup )

Then something weird, this was kinda my Van Gogh - inspired makeup:

And finally something softer, my second LOTD:

MAC Provence pigment
MAC Cocomotion pigemnt
Gosh Extreme Art eyeliner in gold
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MF FLE mascara


  1. Another Pure Luxe fan. I love all these looks.

  2. Wow I love the Nightwish one! The sparkles and blue/purple combo is FAB, and I love how your waterline changes from white, to blue, to black! AMAZING as always!

  3. Hi!! I saw your comment at Anette's blog and.. Man! you're incredible!! really cool. I think I'll follow your blog now and I"ll try to get some tips do improve my make up skill (which are.. none! hehe)

  4. you are so talented! all of them are beautiful! i love the almost "stipled" effect on the "nightwish" look.. gorgeous!



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