Aug 27, 2012

Review & Swatches: Killer Lips - glitter lip tattoos

I found these interesting looking lip tattoos from our local clothing store (Seppälä), and since they were at sale I decided to give them a try. They definitely aren't for everyday use, but maybe they could work in photoshoots or similar?

Each package comes with two tattoos, so if you mess up the first, you'll have a back-up.

As far as I've understood, using these is quite identical to Violent Lips/Passion Lips/etc.

First the Champagne Sparkle:

First you pop the tattoo out of the card, and then by using scissors you cut it to the shape that is similar to your lips-:

Then you press them in place on your lips, and apply a small amount of water , so that the "tattoo" transfers to lips:

Then you peel the paper away, and tadah, you have yourself a glitter lip:
I maay have overestimated the size of my upper lip from the sides...

After some scrubbing and fixing the result looked like this:

At first it's smooth and nice...:

But after moving your lips (talking etc) it wrinkles and becomes dry looking:

Then the Pink Fizz:

This time with maybe a bit better cutting...

Before pressing it firmly in place...

and ready.

Overall opinion:

They feel horrible on my lips. It's like I'd dipped my lips into glue. These also aren't very lasting. Theoretically they are "eating proof", but I found that they start to peel of if something (air, water, oil) gets in between the tattoo in lip.

Personally I think these are great for photoshoots, where they can be applied quickly and they don't have to last all day.
You can get these from Amazon and Ebay if you want.

Finally one gold look (with Sugarpill Goldilux) where I used Chanpagne Sparkle lip tattoo:


  1. i guess these "stickers" are picture gadgets ... because every review if ever read told the same :/

  2. Näyttää kyllä ihanilta, etenkin pinkki! ^^
    Tekis mieli ihan mielenkiinnosta kokeilla, vaikka eivät kauaa pidäkään, mutta vaikka ihan siihen kuvien räpsimiseen. :)

    Frillycakes ♥

  3. awesome! i didn"t know that sth like this even exist! love it :)

  4. Not for every day wear but perfect for photoshoots and halloween. I have a bunch of Violent Lips and I actually really enjoy wearing them!

  5. I have a bunch of these that I've gotten in gift bags but I just can't get down with them. I can't see using it outside of a photoshoot.

  6. Oh my Gosh! I'm doing makeup for a play in a few months, and these would work so well, I think. Maybe I'll get some and try them out on my daughter first. Thanks!

  7. I think I may try mixing Goldilux and lipgloss to get an effect like the first lips.

  8. They're definitely for photoshoots, or some party. I'm not surprised you feel glue - it need to attach somehow to lips.
    Can I ask do they crack on lips?

  9. I love it! I would love to try them!!! thanks for sharing!

  10. LOVE the photoshoot-esque photo!
    And they look really cool, but I would be nervous to try lip tattoos...


  11. i totally agree, great for fotoshoots, but horrible to wear!

  12. wow lovely lips :) and the pink and purple mix colors like nice

  13. WOW! its really amazing....but its not for daily use its only for shoots....but its horrible to wear.

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  15. This is such a nice colours of lips, I'm definitely going to check out the makeup, I'm a big fan of their polishes already!

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