Apr 1, 2012

Tutorial: Red rebel

Tutorial time! I love red shadow, but I rarely use it, 'cos I hardly ever use bold colors in public nowadays. But now I wanted something bold, and this this look for you!

Products used:Lime Crime Eyeshadow helper primer
Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly (lid, crease, blending)
Sugarpill Love+ (lid, crease, blending)
Sugarpill Tako (highlight, middle of the lid)
MAC #48 lashes

 As always, start with priming your lid:

Then apply red shadow to both inner and outer corners of the lid:

Then make a "bridge" to either to the crease or slightly above it, like I did:

Blend upwards with red:

Apply light (or white) shadow to highlight and also to the middle part of the lid:

Then take a small brush and apply black shadow to the most outer part of the lid, and also to the inner corner:

Then apply red shadow to lower lashline (or if using red on lower lashline makes you look too sick, try using black instead):

Apply a hint of black to lower outer corner (or try if you used black, add a hint of red):

Apply mascara (sorry for my clumpy lashes, bad mascara choice):

Then apply false lashes (and eyeliner) if you want (mine are MAC #48, maybe not the best choice):

And tadah, look is done!

 Pair with nude lips or red lips, and you're done!


  1. I love this!
    It's like a sexual peppermint.

    I never wear red outside either....I'm going to wear it more though, because I absolutely love red shadow. If people stare, oh well.

  2. You are far my favorite make up guru

  3. Amazing look! so great! thanks for sharing!

  4. I'd never believe that red might look soooo great on eyes! Thank you for showing me. It's like heaven!

  5. you are so talented. This look is Amazing. A totally new technic for me and u are looking so great with red e/s

  6. This is a gorgeous look! I sooooo love LOVE + and I think this is one of the best looks with it that I've seen. :)

  7. Red is my favorite eyeshadow color to wear :-) Love this look

  8. Aivan mahtava meikki! Jotkut ne vaan osaa ;))

    - Hannavee

  9. Oooh, I have a pair of those lashes and was actually surprised they look so good on you. I think they're a great choice with this look. Need to wear mine now!! Exciting x

  10. Very cool Also, here's a link to a cool starry make-up design that I think you should try!

  11. Mielenkiintoista, että tuo näyttää hyvältä vaikket häivyttänyt mustaa sen kummemmin! :) Punainen näyttää kyllä minusta erityisen hyvältä silmämeikeissä ja varsinkin punainen & musta -yhdistelmä on voimakas ja dramaattinen. Hyvin juhlava lookki. :)

  12. You are the best at make-up... this is just unbelievable! I love it!!

  13. Hello! I tagged you in 11 Questions! Check it out! :D http://www.unique-desire.com/2012/04/11-questions-tag.html

  14. I needed a look for the WrestleMania party I went to, this was perfect! Love!

  15. I am speechless in front of your work make-up!!! Thank you <3
    C-liine Nicoolas of France ;)

  16. This is such a simple technique but creates such a nuanced look. I can't wait to try this out (and with other colors too!)

  17. Girl, you are GOOD! Your step-by-step tutorials are wonderful. Thank you for taking time to do those. I absolutely love your tutorials. You do a better job than the actual initial photos.

  18. O love ur blog!
    Your makeup are so beautiful =D
    Kisses ;*



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