Apr 28, 2012

Avengers: Iron Man

Products, in order where used:
1. Primer  (whole lid)
2.  Apply red shadow (Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly) to whole lid and to lower lashline
3. Then black shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) to outer corner
4. Then Gold shadow (Sugarpill Goldilux) blended upwards from crease, and to blend the red in lower lashline. You can also add a bit of shimmery yellow shadow to transition part (Lime Crime Goldfish)
5. Gold-toned highlighter (MAC Cloudbound, but MAC Nylon is a fine dupe)
6. Apply some Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy over highlighter, then apply white/ gold glitter (The Body Needs Gold 
7. Line your upper lashline and waterline with black
8. Apply Pixie Epoxy over the upper black liner, then apply blue glitter (The Body Needs Holo Blue) ad some Sugarpill Lumi chromalust over it.
9. Then mascara and lashes (Marliss 151, but Sugarpill Precious lashes would work too)
10. Finally the eyebrows, use red base (red lip liner, red cream color) and then attach red glitter (The Body Needs Red Glitter) by using Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy .


  1. This is so crazy and cute! I like it! thanks for sharing!

  2. holy shit.. it looks so great...

  3. hot damn i'm obsessed with these looks

  4. This is so gorgeus!

  5. I found your article on 9gag and had to come figure out how you did it! You are super talented, I am going to try this for the premiere tonight, thanks so much!

  6. Do you have your own Youtube page? You need one, I need you to have one, the world needs your tutorials. :)

  7. Do you have your YouTube? Your eyes are so gorgeous and i want to see tutorial :)

  8. You are my Goddess.


  9. This is so cool, I tried it at home, but I didn't even come close to yours!
    You are very good at makeup!

  10. I love your make up!!! I wish I could do the same! I saw somewhere on here for suggestions so I was wondering if you did any sport themes? We are big Buffalo Bills fans and I thought that you could be very creative with it?? Just an idea :-)

  11. Fyrinnae is closed, do you have a similar product to recommend?

  12. WOW



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