Mar 26, 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism part 3 - Fundamental palette review and swatches

Last but not least piece from the Human Fundamentalism collection, the Fundamental palette:

Fundamental palette holds four shadows, 2 powder shadows, one cream shadow and one liquid metal shadow:


I would love to say that this is amazing palette, there's a flaw. It's called Inception. The color is pretty, but the color pay-off isn't.
Hype is pigmented and bright, Bedaup is as great as all the other Cream Pigments, and Surge is super pretty and intense silver, but I just couldn't get really color out from it.

Fun fact: Hype is exact dupe of Sugarpill Buttercupcake:
The upper one is Buttercupcake, lower is Hype.

Here's two look I made based to Illamasqua's promolook:

And my dear friend agreed to be my model for redo:

Sorry this was a crappy review :P

I promise my Lime Crime Carousel Gloss review will be better!

EDIT: As a bonus, I share my The Big Bang Theory fan art I did:


  1. I think your look is so much better than the official one. Indeed.

  2. Oh goodness, I want Bedaub so badly!

  3. That is one freaking awesomesweet piece of art! Leonard's arms look a bit strange, but I love Sheldon's hair. It's so Sheldon-y, it's like it doesn't matter he doesn't have a face, the hair's all you need to recognise him. Same with Raj. XD


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