Oct 12, 2010

Formidable Wrong Spell


There's something I'd like to show you:
MAc lipglass from Venomous Villains, called Wrong Spell.

It's brownish, reddish purple with blue/pink/purple sparkle.
This is how it looks on lips:

But what if we add a base like this?

We get this:

Awesome, isn't it!

 And swatches, on the left it's with out base, on the right it's swatched over Lumene lip pencil in Salvia:

Then one of the Venomous nail laquers, Formidable!:
On the nails.
Formidable! is kinda purple-brown based color with blue flash, as well as teal & red & purple glitters,
lovely color.

Actually it's such a lovely color, that I decided to try to replicate it to my makeup today:

I used:
MAC Blue Brown pigment
MAC My Dark Magic (magenta side)
MAC Reflects Transparent Teal
MAC Reflects Rust
MAC Cloudbound

 They looked a lot same in person, camera just couldn't catch it that well.

One more pic, taken with my phone:

Then a sneakpeek to what I've gotten, what's coming up etc:

And last and least, hat as a matter:


  1. Ahh.. niin jumalaisia värejä tossa Venomous Villains -kokoelmassa.. niin ihania, että säälin itseäni kun en omista niitä kaikkia.. tai yhtään. Harmi, ettei tollasiin törmää pahemmin missään, että sais korvikkeen muilta merkeiltä.

  2. could you suggest a nude eyeliner for me? I love the way the white "hat" look opens your eyes!

  3. Love the colours! I wish I could buy MAC products


  4. oh dear...i may have to get that lipglass....

  5. I have Wrong Spell and love it. I figured it would look better over a lip pencil or lipstick. It's a bit splotchy when I try to apply it on its own. I had to even it out with a lip brush! It's such a great color for fall though :)

  6. Wow that eyeshadow combo is really nice! I bought Formidable! as well, and the Mean Green.. love them! I just can´t stop looking at my nails..

  7. Looks great! I hadn't thought of getting that lipglass and only got the Dark Deeds lipstick.
    I might have to get one now!

  8. Love the lip glass! I might have to go get that now lol. I also love those Palladio lip stains, they are my current go to lip products.

  9. I am so loving the lipglass, I'd most likely just get it when I'm at the retail sometime soon! =D If only it wasn't so expensive in my country...

  10. A M A Z I N G!!! this lip glass is soooo impressing with the dark base!

  11. Haha love the Mad Hatter look XD I'd be interested in seeing a post with swatches of Wrong Spell over a variety of bases!

  12. tutorial on the matching 'formidable!' look please? I love it. It is wonderful. Any dupes for the reflects and her dark magic? love it!

  13. Wrong Spell with the dark base looks awesome, very beautiful! And you nailed the nailpolish-like-look. That's it: I need blue-brown pigment :D
    lol, very nice "hat as a matter" look!

  14. hei, minkälaisella siveltimellä kiss touchin luomivärit levittyvät sinulla parhaiten? Ostin paletin mutta luomivärit eivät levity niin tasaisesti kuin haluaisin..

  15. THE first lipstick is like the one i have on giveaway, ho

  16. Kattelin nopeasti vaan että mitä hittoo, ei varmaan oo tollasta väriä ollut VV-kokoelmassa, oisin ostanut jos ois ollut - mut sit huomasin et sulla olikin pohjuste joka teki siitä noin upeen. :)

    Niin, ja sulle on tunnustus blogissani.

  17. I love the lipglass on top of the pencil, great idea! its just gorgeous :)

    Love the eye look aswell, which isnt such a surprise, because I adore Blue brown pigment, its the first Mac I ever got. :)

  18. I love these colors! They look really wonderful on you. I want that lip pencil now...

    You did a great job with the eye pigment, it looks just like the nailcolor! Your makeup is always just beautiful <3

  19. Eu adoro suas maquiagens e copio sempre!!! Lamento não falar seu idioma,assim vc saberia o quanto a aprecio! Lot a kisses from São Paulo/Brasil.


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