Sep 20, 2010

Tutorial: Brain-eating zombie for Halloween


First of all a warning:

Following tutorial includes pictures, that someone might feel disturbing. So if you don't want to see pics of Zombie tutorial, skip this one!

If you want to continue reading, please click yourself to the tutorial:

I was asked to do a zombie makeup tutorial for halloween, and here's my take on it:

And you don't need a lot of professional stuff to do this.
Here's what I used:
- Black and brown cream color (I used these from MUFE palette)
- White creme makeup (mine is from Grimas)
- Black gel eyeliner
- Black matte eyeshadow (not in the picture)
- Yellow paint (this is from Aromaleigh)
- Red gel liner (mine is from Inglot)
- Transparent powder
- Fake blood

Here we go!
Sweet and innocent, nude-faced non-zombie

Add white foundation:

Add mix of back and brown creme makeup under your eyes, under cheekbone and to sides of your nose. Blend with fingers:

Fix with transparent powder:

Paint your eyelids with black. You can use black eyeshadow too, if you want, but gel eyeliner works really well:

Extend a hint of black to sides of your nose:

Then take black eyeshadow, and BLEND harshly:

Add some red over the black. Again, if you have red gel / creme color, it's better, since it lasts better:

Then we start drawing the teeth. You can use the black gel liner here too, it lasts really well. You don't have to make the teeth look perfect, these are just outlines:

Then mix white and yellow colors to make yellow teethbone. Fill the outlines:

At this point it still looks pretty stupid, so don't leave it like this:

Fill up the skin/lips under the "teeth" and do line for the upper part of the teeth too:

Then do the same to lower lip:

Color same way;

Now it looks a bit better, but a bit "glued-on":

Let's make the skin around the teeth look more gross!
So take the red again (you can also use red lip liner here!) and stipple small spots around teeth:

Again, a bit better, but still not good:

Take black, and stippple again, over the red. Add more black closer to teeth:

Hey, it starts to look like something!

Then make the final color, yellow. Totally gross! You can also add a bit red to tips of the teeth, unless you're a vegan zombie:


At this point I also added red gel liner to my waterline, as well as to the "wrinkles" under my eye:

Then finish the makeup with some fake blood:
Close-up's of the fake blood:

Under the eyes:

To "teeth", and running out of nose:

Then contact lenses (I have one white out lens and one witch lens) and wig, and empty stare:

I wonder if this makeup makes me look bad?

Final thing. This one is important!

To remove this look, use shotgun. One well-aimed shot to the head should do it ;D


  1. My Zombie heart wants to have yours for breakfast, that's how much I love your creation! L-O-V-E

  2. WOW! This is perfect! You look like you came right out of Dawn of the Dead!

  3. Will definitely do this for the Brisbane Zombie Walk! YEAH!

  4. yikes! scary but awesome at the same time! LOVE the "how to remove this makeup" line xD

  5. Damn! That's really, really scary!!! If I saw that in real life, I would cry!!!

    Another stellar creation!

  6. you make a very good innocent face for such a scary zombie... i love it!

  7. CREEPY!!..But I love it!!.. Your very talented..

  8. OMG, that last picture is PERFECT!! It's like, "Gee, should I go to Sephora or maybe go on a brain-eating spree... I just don't know..."


  9. Tämä meikki kiteyttää loistavasti mun maananataifiiliksen! :D Hieno.

  10. Wahou
    c est super! tu es vraiment très douée!!!

  11. Wow, you really did a great job! Fantastic!

  12. That is the most amazing look u ever done! Congrats! :)

  13. EPIC! I love how you added the red gel liner and fake blood to the waterline and under eye area :)

  14. Eikä, aivan mahtava! Tätä on pakko kyllä päästä kokeilemaan joskus, onhan tuo Halloweenkin tuossa lähestymässä...;)

  15. good god and holy shit! so awesome!

  16. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like the removal tip muhahaha

  17. Wow! Seriously amazing and you made me laugh with your removal tip :)

  18. You make it look so simple...but i bet i isnt, ahhaah.

    I wonder how itll look when you laugh :)

  19. I love your blog! It's perfect!!! It have newsletter? tks =) I'm from Brazil =)

  20. This is awesome! My boyfriend saw it and made a decision on what to be for Halloween... he's getting me to do this for him! Thanks for the awesome inspiration and tutorial!

  21. "To remove this look, use shotgun. One well-aimed shot to the head should do it ;D "

    NO! You gotta DOUBLETAP!!! (just to be sure)


  22. your so sick at makeup!! i loveeee itt!! best zombie look i have ever seen!!!!

  23. Seriously, I love this tutorial. It was a bit challenging at first, but I think I can do it. I'll post a picture on my blog about it and send you a photo as well. Thanks so much! Keep up the terrific tutorials :)

  24. hmm mite use it 4 halloween dnno seen betta ....

  25. I am thinking of using this idea for a zombie walk I'm going on in May :)

  26. At the beggining I though you were using prosthetics... but you're amazing!!!!


    My kids let me practice! hard part is going to be doing to my self saturday night! ty ty!

  28. Love this! Thanks for sharing. My son is hoping I can make him look just as awesome as you. But in a manly way. :) Thanks again!

  29. Hi, this is great tutorial! me and my girlfriend did it on her face last night - it looked great, i'll send you a link if you want to see it.

  30. This is brilliant. You're so gifted. I did this for a Halloween party Saturday night and I was the hit of the party!!!! People couldn't believe I did it myself. Thank you!!!

  31. Absolutely fantastic MORE please, I LOVE your Zombie Chic Elvira and Brilliant Brain Eater, very talented. Fantastic xxx Linda

  32. You are amazing! Love your zombiemakeup :D

  33. Aha you're so creative!

  34. I know this is a very old post...but I wanted to say Thank YOU! I followed your tutorial and I think my kids looked awesome :)

  35. I LOVE THIS. I did this makeup for Halloween and I keep getting comments on it. Thank you!

  36. The brain eating zombie has been described in the post here. Know all about it

  37. Ohhhh... I wanna do this on a Barbie! *______* Thanks so much for sharing! It looks totally amazing and the way you explain it it seems pretty doable! Really, thank you lots! =^,^=

  38. That is indeed a creepy looking zombie makeup! Great work!

    - Cristine
    Halloween makeup ideas

  39. Your very talented, i love your makeup.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Scary Halloween Makeup ideas

  40. Thanks so much. It came out great and my son loved it.

  41. I just did this and posted it on Facebook. They were so shocked that they didn't even realize it was me. Thanks!

  42. I am now a follower of this blog. I was so excited as early as now to come up with a nice halloween get up and make up for Halloween 2014. Please let me pin any photos from your blog to my Pinterest board of best Halloween makeup ideas. please please please. I like it to share to my followers thats why. Keep on sharing interesting articles and good day ahead! You are very talented and I envy you. :(

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  43. U did a good job thanks for the how to.


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