Sep 1, 2010

Buy buy money!

So, I get lots of questions of where I buy my wigs, cosmetics, false lashes, contact lenses etc, so I decided to make a post about it.

Haha, me and buying makeup online <3
Here's some of my  favourites:
* - Unique loose eyeshadows and lip lustres
* - MAC, some MUFE, Urban Decay etc.
* all cosmetics - MAC, Urban Dacay, Too Faced etc.
* MakeupGeek store - Great selection of MAC pigment samples
* - IMO the best place to buy NYX
*  - Illamasqua, Barry M, Urban Decay, Too Faced etc.
* - StarsMakeupHaven eyeshadows, build your own palette.
* - My Holy Grail skin products
*Huutonet - Online auction for finnish users
* Sigma Makeup - Great brushes in great price, fast worldwide shipping 

Basicly I've bought all of my wigs from Ebay. I usually enter the keywords (ie. short white) and start browsing results price + shipping - lowest. Then I pick the nice looking, and buy it :D But here's some of the sellers I've bought wigs from:
* honeyplace
* handmade_jewelry_china
* koozuland
* xx2894
* professionalonly

Contact lenses:
I resently stumbled across this site, and it has a lot cheaper prices than in finland, and shipping was really fast, and FREE:

Usually I order my lashes from ebay, but there's couple other online stores that sell great lashes too:
* glamlabel
* oooushop
* - GREAT selection of false lashes, including almost every pait of lashes I've used in my looks :D

Most of my jewellery is from flea markets, it's aazing what you can find with with so little money. But here's some of the places/ sellers I've bought jewellery from:
* willrockon2008 -Great selection of pretty and wearable jewellery
* - Sweet skeleton cameo jewellery
*  - Sometimes there's awesome jewellery <3

Again, all my rhinestones are from Ebay. Here's some of the sellers I've bought rhinestones from:
 * highquality*4*you
* wholesale-cn
* laqueerettl
* oooushop
* honeycatso

Camera accessories (lenses, ring flash adapter)


  1. It's your fault! Now I ordered jewellery's from one of your link :D

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  3. I am following you!
    Very cool your blog.

  4. Thanks a lot, this is very usefull !!

  5. oh my , Thank You so much !
    now i can get Mac and stila :)

  6. thx for those make up links...OMG im in heaven!! LOL =)

  7. Hey I've been following your blog for a long time, but never had the courage to post.

    I wanted to say that I love it and thanks for the useful links!

  8. This is awesome, thank you so much! I'm from Argentina so it's nice to have someone that's NOT from the US for a change and be able to get info on where to buy these things ^_^

  9. Now I ordered jewellery's from one of your link :D..Thanks..

    Big Eyes Contact Lens

  10. oh my , Thank You so much !
    now i can get Mac and stila :)


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