Mar 9, 2010


Mailman brought me two of my new wigs today!

Here's the first one:
It's really lond, silver/white straight wig.

Second one. And I'm sorry I had to blur my face with this one, I just looked horrible :D But here you can at least see the wig:
It's blond, and curly, and it has a thick fringe.

And then my today's makeup. I went to take pics for my new ID, so I did sorta pinup makeup, quite natural, but still visible:

(I added lipgloss to my lips later, I didn't like the matte look)

For that look I used several brands, Kat von D's Tequila and Leather, MAC Unsquare and Gesso, and MSCHIC French Chocolate.

But that's all this time. Maybe my Aromaleigh arrives tomorrow? Or the rest of my wigs?


  1. Gorgeous! Wow, that first wig looks really cool! Kind of Lady Gaga? :) If you don't mind - what's the price (plus shipping to Suomi)? Thank you!

  2. You really suit being a blonde!

  3. hello,

    would you be doing any looks with your 28 pan neutral palette that you got?

  4. Loooove the pinup look, and both the wigs are pretty :)

  5. You have such a beautiful babydoll face! You shouldn't cover it up! I love the way how you do your make up. Can you please do a tutorial for the retro look?

  6. Wow you look so awesome in all your photos! And your eyemakeup is gorgeous!


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