Jan 19, 2010



I was asked to do a summer related makeup on my facebook page, so  I did something bright and sunny.

There's not flowers or bumblebees since it's my LOTD, but I still think it bring a bit warmth to this cold winter :D





(with straight flash, my external flash's batteries died:)

And full face pics:



MAC Painterly p/p
Ben Nye Golden Apricot pigm. (whole lid)
Ben Nye Sun Yellow pigm. (inner corners)
Ben Nye Azalea pigm. (outer V)
Kat von D Lucifer e/s (outer V)
Pure Luxe Charisma e/s (blending)
StarsMakeupHaven Bee's Knees e/s (highlight)
 MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline (upper lashline + waterline)
Chinese cheap falsies

Then I got my PureLuxe order today.

I ordered 4 different eyeshadows and 2 liners.

Eyeshadows were Chaos, Immoral, Erotica and Faceted, and liner Avanging Angel and Forbidden.

I didn't got good pics of the jars yet, I'll try to take pics for tomorrow.

But I managed to get some swatches:



Liners in the middle, brown with sparkle is Forbidden, and black with red glitter is Avenging Angel.

I really like Faceted. As you see, it radiacally changes color depending on which side are you watching it.  Erotica wasn't so cool as I hoped it would have been, it more like matte light blue with duotone purple "under". The more you "rub" it, the more purple it gets.
Chaos and Immoral are both purples. Really nice purples, but nothing special in them.
Liner seem to be cool. Haven't really tried them yet.


I guess that's all this time :D

Oh, and I'm really interested to hear how you found my blog in the first place? :)


  1. Love the Blog. Your makeup is FABULOUS!

  2. I dont suppose you would swatch Lucifer for me? Im always on the hunt for the perfect deep crimson red. And of course..you look absolutely amazing and I envy your blending skills! <3

  3. I found you following a mention on Makeup Geek's blog, at least I **think** that's where it was; I love looking at your always beautiful LOTD - my makeup style is much more conservative (I generally wear neutrals), but I am often inspired to come up with something more adventurous after seeing what you've created :-)

  4. Päädyin tänne toissa päivänä tutkiessani minkälaisia blogeja lukemieni blogien kirjoittajat seuraavat (en muista enää kenen blogista). Meikkisi ovat mahtavia ja inspiroivia! Pidän siitä, miten ennakkoluulottomasti kokeilet eri juttuja, ja postaat ne tänne, vaikka kaikki ei olisikaan mennyt mielestäsi ihan nappiin. Tämä kuulostaa kamalan kliseiseltä, mutta jatka samaan malliin! :)

  5. Päädyin tänne samalla tavalla kuin Nekku, eli tutkimalla mitä kaverini lukevat. :) Ja tietysti ihastuin ihan välittömästi!

  6. Moi :)
    I don't recall ever commenting on one of you posts before, but this time i will :)
    I think i found you in the list of Anette's blog readers...and i saw you had a blog and have been captivated ever since :D
    I know you've heard it a zillion times before, but i too think that you are incredibly talented and you manage to go way beyond the ordinary with your make-up. It's not just make-up you do, it's art. You inspire me :)

    So, keep up the the good work and looking forward to your forthcoming posts with mind-blowing make-up :)

    Yours, Gerda

  7. I found you via Anette Olzon's blog, where you commented on your makeup site. I loved the vibrant colours so much I added you to my feeder. Other than Anette and Tarja's blogs, my feeds are all geography/news related so you are my daily splash of colour!

    I'm short on money, so you help me get my makeup fix :)


  8. Minä päädyin tänne Charming Nailsin blogilistan kautta, olen ollut CN:n vakiolukija jo pitkään ja joskus vain kokeilin klikkailla linkkejä. Syy siihen, miksi jäin lukijaksi, on se että upeita meikkejä ei voi koskaan katsella liikaa! ;)

  9. Gorgeous summery look! I'm trying to recall, I think I first heard about your blog through Padmita's Makeup Blog many months back. I've been an avid follower ever since, your work and creativity are stunning!

  10. I found you through a posting on Make up Geek and I have added you to my Google Reader. I love your various looks and am always impressed with your interpretations of various looks. I hail from AZ in the US and am a very conservative make up wearer, but like to try new color combos. Your make up looks inspire me to try new things!

  11. Hellos and thank you for the summer look :) It's ok that it's doesn't have the bumble-bees, it was silly idea since the beginning. The look you made really makes the viewer feel warmer :) And looks amazing too :D

    I found your blog from... Have to really think. I guess the pics you had taken about your ex-husband that were on his irc-gallery first made me interested on your art so I followed the description "by Jangsara at Deviant art" Not sure if there was a link to this blog, but anyways I have read it for prox. 6 months now. Keep up the good work :)

  12. Hello,

    would you please make some looks with the matte eyeshawdow from makeupstar. I have been waiting to see some looks.

    Thank you

  13. I love this look, so colorful and pretty! Oh, and I found you after doing a Google search looking for tutorials or looks using the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II palette. Your post with the tutorial was the first one I've read, and I've been reading ever since!

  14. Love the look! I found you through Makeup Geek.

  15. your looks are always such an inspiration! amazing as always xo

  16. I love the pop of yellow :) I found your blog through your guest posts on Makeupgeek's site!

  17. I love all your looks :)
    I saw the blog at Makeup Geek

  18. A friend linked me to Makeup Geek - I didn't like the site much, but I found your blog there :) One of your looks was featured, I think. :D

  19. I also found your Blog via your post on Anette Olzon's Blog :) I mostly don't use any make-up, sometimes some mascara, but somehow I do love looking at nice creations like yours :)

  20. You are so amazing and such an inspiration! I found your blog through Makeup Geek. I visit your blog everyday.

  21. Beautiful palette. Great look!


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