Nov 11, 2009

Bad Rrrromance

Today  I discovered that I actually am a Lady Gaga fan.

She (or he? Who know, who cares :D) is a true chameleon, Gaga has the ability tranform almost to anything, as we can see:

Photos from Google.

And I especially fell in love in her (? :D) in her new video:

I think she (? again ;D)look amazingly gorgeous!

Anyway. I was very very ispired by Lady Gaga, and I wanted to make a Lady Gaga -inspired makeup.
Well, to be honest, that was easier sad than done.
Easiest would have been doing makeup and the lightning bolt to the cheek, but I wanted something different.
I kinda failed :D

Here's my Gaga makeup/look:

I don't look like Gaga at all :D

Anyway. Maybe next time I do better :D BUT I have to admit that I'm actually proud of the HUGE bow I found :D:D

But then to my LOTD:

I also did my friend's makeup again today, she got falsies:
Well, that's i this time!


  1. Really gorgeous! Can you make a tuto of your lotd?Not the lady gaga's one, but the other after...

  2. You didn't fail one bit! I'm a freelance makeup artist on films here in Utah and girrrrl, you have a gift! I linked to your blog via mine and I would love to meet you someday and say thank you for your creative, ingenious makeup lotd's!


  3. I love her last look. And you are right about her ability to transform :)
    And your looks are amazing, as always!
    I was very surpried to see Ukrainian vodka Nemiroff in her video.
    Alexander McQueen is so creative :)

  4. I think you did a fantastic job of Gaga's makeup! It's definitely something I could see on her.

  5. So hot!!
    You're amazing!

  6. Wow! Great job!
    I like Lady Gaga as well, it pisses me off that a lot of people think she can't sing because I've seen her doing a live performance just playing the piano once and wow- what a voice! She used to sing in clubs way before she was famous, and she's really an artist I think.

  7. I don't think Gaga is a man... no way.. great job with the makeup :)

  8. I actually think you look a lot better than Lady Gaga, and an amazing job with the makeup once again - I'm in awe. :)

  9. Wow, I don't think you failed at all! Especially the first look that you did, I love it!


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