Sep 24, 2009

The Search for Puuuuurfect RED.

I got my (first) order from Stargazer today. Because of a misunderstanding, I'm getting set twice, minus the blue eyeshadow. Anyone interested? *g*

I have this endless search for REAL red eyeshadow, and I ordered almost everything Stargazer has in red:

Red Cake eyeliner
Red shimmer eye dust
Red eye dust
Red eyeshadow
Royal Blue eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow:

This so screaming red that it's almost orange.

Royal Blue eyeshadow:
For some reason I thought  from the description photo, that this would be purple-ish blue, but apparently I was wrong. This is real blue.

Red cake eyeliner:
This feels more like eyeshadow than eyeliner IMO. It's a bit hard to work with.

Red eyedust ( no 45 )
Unfortunately this is a bit pinkish red, otherwise this would perfect. And it's has tiny silver sparkles in it, so that's flaw too.

Shimmery red eyedust (no. 3)

Description picture is quite right. I haven't really tried it on yet, but it seems to ne waaaaay too shimmery.

I played around with the red one's, and came up with this:

I was thinking something for halloween, but I was too lazy to do a tutorial of that one :D

Instead I did a tutorial for this:

I did it complately in little over 6 minutes, so it's not anything too special, but it's still quite bold.

And one purple look just to soften this all down:

The purple look actually reminds me, I went to a MUFE wholeseller today.
I wanted to swach THE PURPLE (#92), but I have to say that I'm not that impressed. I'm not saying that it was bad, it was just... a bit PLAIN.
BUT. I swatched something to die for. MUFE Star Powder no. 90949. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a good pic of it, but that seemed to be THE PERFECT RED.
It was totally amazing.

But anyway, that's it for now.


  1. This make up is really gorgeous ! beautiful ! I like your job And I like coming often on your blog. I find that you have a lot of taste in the make-up and that you have of the imagination. It exists of numerous site and blogs of make-ups but it is rare when the person has some creativity and a sense(direction) of perfectionism as you. I am a perfectionist also thus I can say it to you.

  2. Ooooh, very interested, how much? :O


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