Sep 17, 2009

Purple + swatches

I decited to a post before I go to sleep, since I did a quite sexy purple LOTN. I might even do a tutorial of it ;D


I also made myself a new banner! It's from one of the pics of this look *g*

And since I love to swatch my eyeshadows to my lids, here we have some Mineralissima and MAC Patternmaker swatches (Note that these are not even suppose to be pretty. I have no eyeliner nor mascara in the Minerallissima swatches):

Mineralissima Illusion:
(MAC Painterly as a base)

Mineralissima Blackstar Green:
(There's a MAC Painterly as a base on lid, and MAC Blackground as a base on crease)

Mineralissima Blackstar Blue:
(MAC Blackground as a base)

Mineralissima Bloody Ruby:
(MAC Painterly as a base)

MAC Patternmaker: 6 Warm eyes:

Shroom (highlight)
Rich Symbol (2/3 lid)
Unsquare (3/3 lid)
Equibeige (1/3 lid)
Swimming (above crease)
Shadowy Lady (crease + lower lashline)


  1. I've just discovered your blog. I am amazed by your talent! I follow you!
    Regards from Spain

  2. I love the purle look, I have a real weekness for purle. So I love to see a tutorial for this look. I must say that I don't think I will be rushing out to buy the Mineralissima pigments, I just think there are so many other companies with great colour that I would rather try.
    You have a talent for this and I always love seeing your looks.

  3. I love purple color and it goes well with green eyes. I used to wear only purple makeup when I was in highschool and I'm happy to do it again.


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