Sep 16, 2009

FAQ (for) you.

I've been getting some questions from you and I thought I'd answer some of them.

- Why don't you do real video tutorials?
  First of all, english isn't my main language, so I guess nobody wouldn't understand a word ;D
  Second, I have a lousy webcam and I usually do my makeup on my desk, so I really don't even have a decent light :D I also have huge problems with my self-confidence, so that's a big reason too. You can't always show only your best side in video :/
AND (I'm good at explaining why not livetutorials :3) I have a bad eye sight, so I have to keep the mirror really close to my face to even see what I'm doing, so most of the time in tutorial you'd have to watch the back of my mirror :D:D

- How long does it take to do your makeup?
  It usually takes about from 15 minutes to half an hour to do my LOTD. A more dramatic look may take up to an hour or so. I've always done my makeup pretty quickly, so I don't do my makeup for hours :D

- Where have you learned to do makeup?
  I'm 100% self taught. I've never actually even watched any tutorial videos or anything.
  I started doing makeup when I was ~12 years old, back then it was only (too dark) lipstick, (too light) powder and mascara. During the years I have just copied looks from pictures or TV, and learned different techniques that way. I'm also a big time perfectionist, so I expect a LOT from myself, and I really push myself to limits while doing makeup.
I dream that I'd someday be a professional MUA, but getting the degree of a professional MUA takes a lot of money (about 3000 euros, which is roughly $4500 ), which is bit too much for learning something I already know. I know it would PROBABLY pay itself back, but I still don't have that kind of money.
I just sit here and hope someone will notice me and ask me to do makeup for Hollywood ;D
(Just kidding :D)

Inspired by the last question,  I started to go though my makeup pictures.
I started the whole LOTD thing in last april, and apparently that is about the time I've really learned how to apply makeup O_O
I've always thought that I knew how to do makeup, but I'm actually quite shocked at how much I've really improved in last ~6 months O_O

Here is a collection of my OLD LOTDs (they are not in any logical order, but none of them is more than ~3 years old):
Click to enlarge
Blending is quite horrible, same is the color payoff. My makeup is smudged, not to mention my eyeliner attempts. And I have thought those as a good makeup skills O_O
Back then I didn't use any primer or base, I worked mostly with my fingertips, a lousy cheap brush OR with sponge applicators.
You can also clearly see that I haven't payed ANY attention to my brows. I think I got them plucked for the FIRST time maybe two years ago *blush*

Now I have "real" makeup, and I mostly know how to use them properly too. Thank God.

But enough babbling.

Hopefully I'll be getting some makeup through mail tomorrow, so I'll see you then!

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  1. Thank you for all those explanations, Jangsara.
    But I really hope you will, some day, do videos, because I would like so much to see yuo doing all that gorgous things !


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