Aug 30, 2009

More of Parfait Amour

I'v been a little disapointed to Parfait Amour's color payout.
It doesn't really "pop" with Painterly paint pot. So I decided to do some test with different base's:

With Blackground p/p it becomes really dark. It nice, but it isn't quite the same color anymore.
With white base it just doesn't work. I becomes too greyish and blueish, kinda looses the purple.
With Painterly it's nice, but I feel like something is missing.
I had this crazy idea to try something red as a base. So I took my Gosh Tropical eye pencil in Pure Pink, and applied Parfait Amour on that.
And WOW. It really pops! It's really intense as you can see from the swatch picture above.

And this is how Parfait Amour looks on the lid:

My camera apparently washed some of the colors, Blackground based was really darker that it looks like. And of course pictures won't show the little chameleon effect that Parfait Amour has live.

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