Aug 12, 2012

Photoshoot: Panda-Diablo III

I have tons of posts queued, gazillion pictures ready, but the text is lacking, I just haven't found any time to write any posts, and I'm really sorry for that.
You, my readers, are the reason I'm having my blog, so I feel bad that I can't post all the time. 
I have suffered from severe depression for over ten years, and sometimes it unfortunately affects my blogging. I just can't find motivation to write, especially when there has been a long break, and I have to break the blog silence with something. I don't want the post to be too boring, but something that would be worth the wait. 
I know most of these feelings and thoughts are only inside my head, but there's where they matter to me.
I just want to apologize and ask you to bear with me.

But after this non-makeup related information, the Diablo III look.

Panda from Piece of Panda blog was going to Assembly (it's a Finnish demoscene and gaming event) and she wanted something geeky for her makeup. 
After some pondering, we decided to go with Diablo III look, inspired by this pic:

Here's the design I made:

And here's the final result:
Sugarpill Bulletproof, Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly, Sugarpill Goldilux and Eye Kandy Cosmetics Banamarama and Candy Apple glitters 

Photography & Makeup: Jangsara

After I did this look, I got a request to do a look inspired by character from Diablo, called Magda (or Maghda, I'm not sure):

Here's my original design based on that picture:

The result was something a bit different:

I used mainly Manly 120 palette and Lime Crime eyeliners.


  1. These are neat--very creative! You have a tremendous amount of talent, and it's much appreciated! Healthful blessings to you for an upswing in mood--I'm now on two meds and it seems to be working, but I know the pharm. route is not for everyone. Sending you green and purple energy for health and more creativity! Hearts to you, R. @:)

  2. wow! these are crazy cool! great job & great interpretations!

  3. I hope you feel better soon, sending my support :) ♥

    Wow my boyfriend would love these, I'll have try them out for him :')

  4. I can imagine how you feel with the depression/blogging thing, the same thing happens to me. I'm just now coming back from a hiatus of a few weeks. I love your work, no matter what, when, or how often you post. No matter if it's words, pictures, whatever. You inspire me<3

  5. I love it when you make nerd makeups ;D If you can make sometimes World of Warcraft Horde sign makeup I would be überhappy! <3 ;D

  6. Awesome!
    I hope you'll find inspiration to write again, we can wait, we'll be here waiting for your wonders ^^

  7. cool idea with the photo shoot :)
    And girl, I love your creativity when it comes to inspirations... wow :)

  8. Jangsara - I'm a depressed teenager who was contemplating suicide this past spring. Your creativity, passion and just plain awesomeness has inspired me to start my own blog and now I can't just give up. You're so talented, keep going. You will prevail, come sun or rain, snow or hail. I have so much faith in you!!! x
    - Amanda

  9. Wow Jangsara you really inspired people!! I love your Diablo makeup, its creative and ive never thought about doing something so cool. Good Job!!

  10. No matter what you do, I think it'll be ok with your fans. You have so many of them who just adore you for your amazing creativity, I'm definitely one of them :D But I understand what you're saying about how these things build up in your head, I do the same think. I can drive myself nuts completely overthinking matters.
    Just keep doing what you're doing, you kick some serious butt and I hope the positive, caring things people say in the comments here and on facebook can fill your heart with happyness, you deserve it.

    Oh and about the blogpost: so cool! You just made a lot of nerds very happy ;)

  11. This is just absolutely amazing! This makes the video game and makeup fan girl inside me so happy!

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  13. Barbarian

    Ah Barbarians. The simple life of "Me see enemy. Me smash enemy with big pieces of solid metal".

    There is something wonderfully attractive in this primitive character.

    Wading into the heart of combat, swinging your weapon(s) of choice in wide arcs, laughing at the puny attacks of your opponents as they attempt to stop your bloody rampage.

    However, I must say that I do prefer a bit more subtlety in my characters.

    Planning out my tactics and striking with surgical precision is just more appealing to me than the all out berserker fury that the Barbarian embodies.

    But for that experience of being a juggernaut of muscle and steel, well, I might have to come back and give the Barbarian a try.

    Diablo 3


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