Aug 16, 2012

Everyday favorites!


I though I'd make a post about the products I use the most.
I didn't include primers and foundation, because I change them almost daily, but most of these products listed here are in my everyday use.

Here we go, first one is

Perfect shade for almost any day-look. Makes cheeks look soft, natural and healthy. Amazingly pigmented, so even if used daily, it'll last a long time, since you only need a hint of it.
As a bonus it smells really good :D

Next is my favorite brush, not sure if I could bland well without this:

Perfect brush for blending. I also have the blending brushes from Sigma's "normal" collection, but they're not nearly as good as this one. This just has it all.

I rarely go out without eyeliner, and my favorite ones are the gel liners:

Joe Blasco eyeliner & MAC Blacktrack fluidline and Joe Blasco Ultra UEM brush:

Joe Blasco's gel liner is the blackest gel liner I've ever seen, and it's almost perfect for waterline. It's a bit greasy though, so you need to have a good primer if you're gonna use it on upper lashline.
MAC Blacktrack is also almost perfect, and as a bonus it dries on lid, unlike the Blasco one, so it can be easily used on upperlashline too. And it lasts, and lasts and lasts... :D
I got the brush I originally got with the Blasco's liner, and it instantly came my favorite eyeliner brush. It's slighly angled, and TINY. You can make both heavy lines, and also the most thinnest lines with this brush.

I know I'm known for my colorful extreme looks, but in "real life" I often use neutral colors. This summer I think I've used purple once, but otherwise just neutrals. And best neutrals are:

My favorite colors are: Beaches & Cream, Bada Bing, Purely Naked, Latte, Mocha and Cocoa Bear and Vanilla Bean as a highlighter.
I usually apply light color to lid,  darker shadow to crease, and again light color to highlight.
If I want really natural look, I use Beaches & Cream to lid and Purely Naked to crease, and if I want to get something neutral but classic, I use Beaches & Cream to lid, Bada Bing to crease, blend them with Mocha, and apply Vanilla Beam to highlight.
For perfect smokey eye I use Bada Bing on lid, blended upwards with Latte.

There's one thing I wouldn't go out without, and that's my brows.
I have really light brows, and without any color in them, I look like I wouldn't have any brows at all, so coloring them is really crucial to me. And fortunately I have a perfect solution for them:

This is the kit that came with the brow stencils, but I haven't really used them. What I use daily, is the brush and mix of both brow shadows. For me the mix of colors is perfects, and I really love the brush that came with the kit, it's sturdy and soft and you can make really thin lines with it if you want.

Here's a few example looks done with the products mentioned in this post:


  1. I love your colourful looks but it's also very nice to see you with the wearable/daytime makeup. It suits you very well. Interesting to see your favorite products also :-)

  2. You always look gorgeous! Great choices! xx

  3. I love seeing you with neutral looks, you look so good! I love the look of those eyeshadows, your swatches have created a lemming for sure

  4. Hi, I found a FB page of a girl who does makeup and one of the pics she posted is your Captain America look and doesn't credit you, here's the "link" www(dot)facebook(dot)com(slasg)photo(dot)php?fbid=299540550143729 sorry for my english, I'm form Argentina :P

  5. Wow I love this look.
    Had to follow your page since I saw your post on MakeupGeek :)
    You got some pretty amazing makeup styles which I'll be eyeing out regularly.

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