Oct 26, 2011

Tutorial: MAC Twisted Sweet Savage facechart

This is a tutorial based on MAC's halloween facechart:

If you are pale, start with few shades darker foundation what you normally use:

Start the mask by shaping the "ornaments" with light/white pencil:

Then use darker pencil (light brown, brown) pencil to shade the ornaments:

Use small brush to apply light brown or brown  eyeshadow to make the ornaments to pop more:

Apply some light/ white eyeshadow to the the light parts to make them pop more too:

Add more brown and white, until you're satisfied:

Then apply eye makeup, I lined my eyes with dark brown pencil, and then blended them with dark brown eyeshadow:

Finally I added mascara and lipstick:

And the look is done!


  1. Make up a very nice, nicely mapped.

  2. gorgeous *-*
    I love it ♥
    your just unbelievable xD

  3. This is really cool! And your rat is so cute.

  4. Great, good job! thanks for sharing!

  5. This is gorgeous. I have to say that you photograph so amazingly!

  6. This is awesome!!! Thank you for the tutorial. This almost looks like henna art. Beautiful. ^_^

  7. loving this make-up, and your rat! :)

  8. Ohhh you have a pet rat! I would love to have one...but I guess my jack russell will not agree! Amazing make-up AS USUAL!

  9. Great look! Awwwww, love the rat photo. She/he is adorable! <3

  10. What's with the constant puckered up angry face?


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