Sep 9, 2011

Friendship is magic! part II !


In was actually so inspired by this whole MLP theme that I did three MLP looks today!
Here we go:


Applejack is da dude :D Even though Applepie is awesome, this is probably the "worst" makeup of the bunch. I don't know what could have I done differently, but oh well, atleast it's done :D
I used 120 color palette, MUFE red Flash color for apples, Elise lashes (I dyed the white balls on lashes red), and a hint of green liner on lower lashline.


Awww, Fluttershy is so SWEEEEET <3 
Again 120 color palette, Ardell Beauties lashes, purple rhinestones and MUFE turquoise flashcolor on butterflies.

Twilight Sparkle:

This was the most fun to do! I had pretty clear idea what I was doing, and it came out pretty cool!
I used Illamasqua Cream Pigment Dab, 120 color palette, Sugarpill Poison Plum, MUFE starpowder #951, Illamasqua Pure Pigment Breathe, purple and clear rhinestones for cutie mark's star, and Urban Decay HBIC lashes tuned with pink feathers. Some MAC Fuchsia glitter and Reflects Transparent Teal is also used.

Next to be done is Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Spike <3

And if you still don't what is this whole MLP:FiM thing is, watch this:

My Nicky Minaj inspired makeup tutorial is up on Makeup Geek:
Step by step: Nicky Minaj inspired look


  1. You're a freaking pro when it comes to make-up, bold colours fit you extremely well! I love the MLP-inspired make-ups, and of course the purple ones on both posts are my favourites - the "Twilight Sparkle" is my absolute favourite!

    Keep going girl, your blog is fabulous and you're a total stunner.

  2. I think this calls for a look on the cute purple-eyed alligator too. :O
    Beautiful looks though, and I don't think Applejack could have come out any better. :D

  3. I love this! You're makeup looks are amazing. Applejack is my favourite of all MLP :)

  4. toi pinkkikeltainen <3<3 paras yhdistelmä ikinä.

  5. Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are my favourites. Great job!

  6. These are all so cute!! I love the Applejack one! Yellow eyeshadow rules :)

  7. wow wow wow! Your work is amazing! I was in love with MLP as a kid in the 80's!

  8. They're all awesome, but Fluttershy is just so cute and girly :)

  9. Fluttershy-meikki on ihana. <3 Keltainen ja vaaleanpunainen toimivat tosi hyvin yhdessä, taas yksi yhdistelmä, jota en ole tajunnut kokeilla.

  10. aivan ihania! varsinkin Twilight Sparkle jäi mieleen :) miten muuten teit nuo omenat ensimmäiseen meikkiin..?

  11. Minusta tuo eka on just järkyn ihana! Tykkään ihan älyttömästi oranssista, ja tuo vihreä alaluomella on piste iin päälle. Ihania nämä ponimeikit muutenkin :)

  12. i love the rest of the pony looks including Applejack yes.

  13. Do a tutorial for the Twilight Sparkle look, please! Please please please please. <3


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