Nov 24, 2011

Black Friday sales!


Enter coupon code at checkout.


30% off everything in the store except samples. This includes already-discounted collection discounts. That means that if a collection is normally 20% off the cost of buying the pieces separately, during this sale they are 30% off in addition to the regular sale price!

 All orders over $50 get Free Shipping automatically!

Sugarpill Pink Weekend Sale

Friday  11/25 30% off 

Saturday 11/26 - monday 11/28 20% off


Lime Crime Cyber Monday 24 hr Extravaganza

Cyber Monday 24 hr Extravaganza starts November 28 at noon PST and ends noon the next day. Everything 25% OFF, except Carousel Gloss since it's a new release. We'll see you then!!!

I'll update this, if I find more deals! :)

Nov 22, 2011

Chaotic Neutral


I've been quite "boring" with my looks lately...

I received these to palettes full of MakeupGeek's eyeshadows (they should arrive to MUG store in few weeks or so):

I then arranged them to colorful and neutral, and I'e been using the neutrals quite a lot!
They are highly pigmented, and I adore the colors <3
I'll make a better post about them, once they are officially released.

But here's few of my latest looks with them:

 (I used colors called Taupe Notch and Bada Bing)

Cinderella and Sensuous

Moondust, Shimmy Shimmy and Corrupt

And non-makeup related news:

I got my first Monster High beauty!
Isn't she gorgeous:

And if I'm silent, it's because of this:
16 hours behind, haven't really even scratched the surface. <3


Winner of the Illamasqua competition is Carly Bourne! Superduperhyper congratulations to her! <3

Nov 19, 2011

Review: Lime Crime Styletto & Glamour 101

It's been a while since my previous Lime Crime review, back then I also reviewed their lipsticks, Styletto and No She Didn't. Even though I'm still aware of all the gossip and drama around this brand, I base my review on the products, not the brand.

I was again contacted by them, and this time I got 2 pieces from their latest collection called Lip Noir. 
Unfortunately one of them was Styletto, which I already had. The other was Glamour 101, which was a new one. I would have loved to try the gray one called Chinchilla, but I've heard that they have some troubles to get it stocked or something. Oh well.

In my previous LimeCrime review I was impressed of their shipping box. This time my lipsticks came in a normal brown cardboard box. I don't know if they still use the custom boxes when you order something from them and I don't say that there's anything wrong with normal brown boxes, I just wanted to mention that, because I was secretly waiting for a cute box :D

Anyway, the lipsticks haven't changed from the outside.
Still the same pink boxes with unicorns:

And pink tubes with holographic unicorns:
(I haven't been able to view them the same way after a friend of mine noticed these tubes on my table, and asked me why I'm  storing my VIBRATORS on my table.)

So the lipsticks.

Glamour 101:
Ok, first of all, it's red.
World is full of red lipsticks, what makes Glamour 101 so special?

Nothing really. But on the other hand, who said it should be special? I guess LimeCrime just wanted to add red lipstick to their line.

Since the collection is called "Lip Noir", which refers to "old times". This isn't anything wild or crazy, this is quite classic, elegant red. I wouldn't call it pinup red, but I could call it vintage red.

This is more darker and brown than any of my previous red lipsticks:
Loreal Infallible Beyonce, OCC NSFW, Illamasqua Faust & Sangers, Palladio Cosmopolitan, BeautyUK Vampire and LimeCrime Glamour 101
It stays well, it's not dry and it doesn't stain lips.
Again, for me it works very well, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. :D

And as you can see, it also looks good on lips:

Interesting enough, it looks totally different depending on the lipliner you use it with:

On the left there's NYX Cabaret as a liner, on the right NYX Deep Red.



I know I have reviewed this earlier, and my opinions haven't changed.
It's still opaque, it still stains dry parts of your lips, it may feather a bit if you don't use liner.
It still works bloody well on my looks when I need to have black lips.

I really wanted to include Styletto in this review because I got a new swatch pic of it:

That's all folks!


Review: Incoco non-liquid nail polish

I was contacted by Incoco, they asked if I wanted to try and review their products.
I know my blog isn't really a nail / nail polish blog, but I paint and decorate my nails almost daily, so I said yes.

Incoco tells the following about The Nail Polish Strips:

Say goodbye to liquid nail polish – no more drying time, smudges, or streaks! Incoco nail polish strips provide a perfect manicure in minutes. The strips are made of real nail polish, and each strip includes base, color, and top coats. Apply Incoco anywhere, any time!

So these aren't stickers, or minx (or what ever), these are nail polish strips, which don't contain Formaldehyde, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) Or Toluene.

So, first there's all kinds of stuff in the package:
There's 16 double-ended color strips and instructions (duh!),  nail polish removal cloth, nail file, cuticle stick, and some other stuff I couldn't figure out.

Here's how it actually works:
(Picture from Incoco website)
I have small nails, so I have pretty much of the excess "polish" to file off:

I actually do the same I do with "sticker nails", I cut the strip to half and use the other half to other hand.

But once all the choosing, shaping, applying and filing is over, the result is really neat:

At first I had some trouble applying the strip to place and with pulling the excess part off, so the result wasn't as neat as it could be:

Oscar Night
But once I learned the technique, it went much better:
Disco Queen
I really, really like Disco Queen!
I think it feels like a nail polish, but looks way cooler than normal polish.

Personally I'm not such a big fan of these, I don't find applying nail polish too hard or time-consuming or anything, I kinda like it actually :D
I guess that's why I don't really get the point of getting normal nail polish in this form. I can surely understand these "wilder" ones, which you can't achieve normally, as these are an easy way to get awesome looking nails for parties or other events.
Luckily, Incoco offers somewhere around 50 different designs only in their Design Manicure series, and dozens of more in French Manicures and Color Manicures.
Price of the strips is from $5.99 to $10.99, depending of the design.

If you're not a fan of applying nail polish, get your Incoco nail polis strips from here:

Nov 16, 2011


A while back I ordered some MAC samples from, and they asked me if I wanted to try some of their shadows too.
I got to pick 4 shadows from them, I picked three shades from their Blackened -collection, and one lighter shade.

The colors I got were: (L to R) Blackened Emerald, Blackened Turquoise, Blackened Violet, Juniper and Pixie Dust:

The blackened colors are pure awesomeness!

Blackened Violet:
Oh, PUPRLE! <3 I have a thing for purples, I know :3
This is just superpretty, dark, but when light hits it, it really stunning!
 Blackened Violet in inner and outer corner, Sugarpill Hysteric in the middle of the lid.

Blackened Emerald:
Once upon a time I searched for the perfect green (I'm still searching for the perfect red!), and thought that Pure Luxe's Pandora was the One. I've since accepted that there can be many perfect colors, but this is damn near perfection!

Blackened Emerald in both inner and outer corners, and Sugarpill Absinthe in the middle of the lid. MAC Undercurrent as a liner.

Blackened Turquoise:

Even though I love the purple and green, this is my favorite. This is pure awesomeness beyond all words.

Blackened Turquoise in both inner and outer corners, Fyrinnae Sleepy Hollow in the middle of the lid, TBN Pixie Dust in the very inner corner.

Pixie Dust:

This is a really nice, gold-toned glitter. Can't be really used as a highlighter by itself, but it works really well over highlighters and darker shadows.

This was my surprise color, rich turquoise with green/gold undertones. This looks really similar to Pure Luxe's Toy Boy, which is re-packed TKB mica, but the texture isn't quite the same, and this one is maybe a bit lighter than Toy Boy.

And last my MAC samples...
They weren't so special :S I don't know what I was expecting from MAC, but these were boring:

PS, still few days to enter my Illamasqua contest, if you haven't already!