Jun 26, 2011

Running with Blades

My friend asked me to do cyber inspired look, so I did this:

A little too much Blade Runner, but oh well :D It's actually quite hard to do cyberlook without falling into cliches :D
I used 120 color palette and Stargazer glitter, and Illamasqua Disciple lipstick.

My own makeup looks have been so boring lately, there's really nothing to post. I've been wearing mostly eyeliner and mascara, and neutral shadows.
I've had some new shadows from Geekchic and Fyrinnae, I just need to take some decent swatch pics first :P

Jun 23, 2011

Within Temptation makeup contest

So, the winner of the MUFE challenge was finally announced, so I'll be able to post this :P

The three finalists:

So the point of the contest was (like I've said many times) to create a makeup inspired by Within Temptation's new album, Unforgiving.
Three finalist were chosen to make the look in front of the judges, so that the judges see that the makeup is really done by finalist, and that the finalist can re-create the look.

Both pictures (the original work and the re-creation pic) were sent to Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation, who would pick the final winner.

Here we go!

So here' my work:

The picture sent to contest     -     Look  done in front of judges
Done by me

Unfortunately I don't have the original pic of the amazing shattered mirror look, nor even the name of the makeup artist, made by supertalented Miia Ollula, but here's the look:
And finally (almost a month after promised...) the winner was announced:

The picture sent to contest     -     Look  done in front of judges
Done by Jonna@desplumesnoires
Congrats  Jonna!

Within Temptation's Sharon den Adel picked Jonna Joutsen's look with bullethole as the winner. Sharon said the look was "professionally done, dramatic and it fits the theme of the album well."

I still don't know if got second or third or disqualified, and I really don't even care, I'm just so glad that the whole show with MUFE is over. I'm not saying more, but really. :P

EDIT: Oh, and in case your wondering what the prizes were:
1. place : trip to Paris (including flights + 2 nights accommodation) & Within Temptation's's new album
2. place: Within Temptation's entire catalog, the new album, Make Up For Ever's makeup and makeup training at Make Up For Ever
3. place: 12 albums, as well as Make Up For Ever's makeup

EDIT: Comments for this post are now disabled, because all the bad comments.
Since I have no comment moderation on, and I do appreciate my readers thoughts, I don't like to delete any comments. But since winner's friends (readers) seem to think I'm a bad loser for allowing all the bad critique towards the winner, I think  it's the easiest way to disable commenting for this post.

For the record, I'm not complaining about the winner. We all did our best, and Sharon chose Jonna's work the best, so what. I really hope she has fun trip to Paris, I have no hard feelings.
Maybe I should have, because all Finn's are supposed to be always jealous to each other?

I guess Jonna can handle all the critique, 'cos all the critique in the world can't change the fact that HER WORK was chosen the best.

Jun 17, 2011

Miss Mystique


I've seen couple of great looks lately, inspired by Mystique from X-men:

I wanted to see if I could do the look, and I think I did quite well!
I used Mehron's 3D Gel and few drops of lash glue to create the texture on the skin, MUFE blue grease paint, TheSheSpace Twisted Psychic pigment for the color of the skin and black and silver from MUFE Flash palette to bring more edge to the textures.

Here's some pics of the making process:

And the final result:

Jun 10, 2011

Tutorial: Lava rubies


Here's a small tutorial for your all!

  • MAC Slick Black greasepaint stick
  • MUFE #940 Starpowder
  • MUFE #917 Starpoeder
  • MUFE #101 eyeshadow
  • MUFE 4L Aqua pencil

Start with priming your lid:

Then apply black base to outer half of the lid:

Blend it with finger or brush if you prefer:

Then apply MUFE #940 starpowder to whole lid (Trucco Angel eyes red is similar, as well as Fyrinnae's red ghost shade. I think TKB has similar too, at least Pure Luxe had one too):

Like this:

Then apply MUFE #917 starpowder to crease, blend upwards:

Like this:

Blend #917 with #940 upwards:

Then apply some white gold-toned highlighter (I used MUFE #101 eyeshadow):

So there:

Apply a hint of black base to lower lashline:

Apply 3917 over the black base:

Then blend #917 with #940 on the lower lashline too:

Like this:

Then line your upper lashline and waterline with fitting pencil/gel liner (I used MUFE 4L pencil):

Finish with mascara:

And the look is done!

I paired this look with MAC Sandy B lipstick and NYX Perfect lipgloss: