Mar 29, 2011

K. ET. Perry

I come in peace!

Ruu Ruu asked me to do my version of Katy Perry's E.T. look.
At first I wasn't excited about the look, it's not very "alien" to me, but I did some modifications with mine, and I turned out to be quite happy with it.

I know that I put more effort to photoshopping than the in the makeup, but I did the makeup in about 20 minutes yesterday night, being tired as.. tired can be :D
So sure, I could have done the makeup better and not photoshop that much, but this time this way, maybe next time goes better :D

Also, I didn't want to do 100% copy of the look, I wanted to add something "Jangsara" to it. ;D

So here's the inspiration pics:

And here's some more normal pics of the look:

"Alien, where?! O-M-G!"
Here's comparison of how much the photoshopped eyes change the look:

And one more overdone pic:

Mar 27, 2011

This ain't a love song (nor makeup post)


This won't be a makeup post :D

I just wanted to share my awesome new "sunglasses":
Now I'm ready for paparazzis to come :D

 Then some of you might notice that my hair color changed a while ago.

My old hair used to look like this:
Color was almost grown out, it had no shape, no style, no nothing.

I went to hairdresser, and this is pretty much what I got:

 Then I decided to order clip-on extensions from eBay:

Unfortunately, when they finally arrived, my own haircolor was already washed out so much, that the color wasn't exact match:

But it was still so close, that I got good image of how it would look like, and I fell in love with "long hair":

Yesterday I dyed my hair again, to make it match for the extensions:

 Here's the comparison of hair lengths:

I think it looks quite OK! My own hair is a bit too short, and colors don't match 100%, and I'm not even sure if I ever dare to wear these out in public, but at least I can feel pretty with my long hair at home <3
(incase you're wondering where did I get the extensions or how much did they cost, they are from eBay, from this seller: cliphair2009, and the price was $26, basicly nothing. I guess it's not human hair, but it works great with me.)

I also tried to take new "profile pic" which would include something makeup-related:

 But it was too hard to stay serious:

 Especially when my son also wanted to pose with me :D

If you want something makeup-related, go to, where are my reviews (and swatches) of new Urban Decay palettes:

Review & swatches of the Fun palette is ready and on it's way too :)

Mar 25, 2011

Tutorial: Bright colorful arab eye

This is a bit older tutorial, just found it from my computer :D

    As always, start with priming your eye:



    Use bright green base for lid (I used Limelight paint I got from Aromaleigh, but MAC Shadesticks, NYX Jumbo pencils etc will work, as long as it's bright light green. Or white might work too  ):

    Then I used an orange base for crease and abov. I used MUFE Aqua cream #10, but again any bright orange will do.


    Use bright light green eyeshadow to lid (I used MUFE #304):

    Then use orange shadow to crease and above (MUFE #48 ):

    Apply light gold-ish color to highlight, blend the orange with it (MUFE #101):

    Add some dark color to outer V and crease (MUFE #40 in my case):


    Then add bright yellow to inner corner:

    Add some more dark to crease with blending brush:

    Line your lower lashline with teal liner. Leave inner and outer corner "open" (MUFE Aqua Eyes 12L)

    Then line your waterline and upper lashline with black liner, create the "arab shape" using winged liner:

    Add some white to parts you left "open" with teal liner:

    Then add MUFE #83 over the teal liner (or ie. MAC parrot):

    Then add mascara:

     Then just add falsies: